How To Protect New Foot Tattoos During Boot Season

Getting tattoos on your feet is rad, but learning how to protect new foot tattoos during the winter is crucial. Think about it: Boot season is basically here already and there are so many cute boots out there. If you're a freshly (or soon to be) inked babe with a footwear fetish, you're probably wondering how you'll go about navigating an upcoming season of boots with new foot ink.

Let’s face it, all tattoos take time to heal and need to be protected from germs that could lead to infections. When it comes to foot and ankle tattoos you’ll need to take extra care to protect your new ink, due to the thin, delicate skin on these areas. So you’ll need to have easy access to keep on top of aftercare, plus ensure your footwear isn’t rubbing or putting pressure on your new tatt.

However, boots are basically the go-to footwear of autumn and winter. Unless you live in a climate that benefits from sunshine all year round (lucky you!) boots will become your second skin during the colder months. Of course, they're not just good for keeping you warm, but boots are kick ass at traversing muddy sidewalks, trudging through leaves and snow, helping your tootsies stay dry, and keeping you on-trend.

TJ Cantwell, owner of NYC tattoo and body piercing parlor, Studio 28, gave Bustle the lowdown on wearing boots with new foot tattoos.

"With ankle/foot placement tattoos it is pretty easy for the healing — don’t wear boots," he explains in an email with Bustle. "While having a tattoo heal in that placement, you should be wearing a sneaker or something that gives your foot room to breathe. Before it gets too cold, open shoes like sandals or slip-ons also work very well." So if you're thinking of getting your foot or ankle inked, now is the time, before the weather gets too cold or you get the boots bug.

Although it may seem rather sad news that you should steer clear of wearing boots while sporting a fresh tatt, Cantrell explains that it's not advisable. "Anything that is very tight to the skin can rub on it and cause the tattoo to heal poorly and then need to be retouched," he says.

Cantwell explains, "Once the tattoo is healed, typically about 2 weeks from when you get it done, you can wear boots to your heart’s content. It is really only during the healing period that you need to worry about your footwear." On the bright side, it's not forever and you only have to wait about a fortnight before you're reunited with your boots again.

"Obviously this time of year boots are very popular and a great look for the season, he says. "However, the tattoo is for the rest of your life so take the time to heal it properly, so that you can enjoy it and not have to worry about going through the cost and pain of getting it retouched." He makes a great point that, unlike boots, tattoos are for life, not just for autumn/winter.

You can always wear non-boot footwear in the winter months with a healing tattoo, but IMO, I'd rather wait it out until spring. Because unless you're a real life Princess Elsa or a wannabe White Walker, freezing feet just aren't ideal. So get inked quick, before the weather goes all Westerosi on us, otherwise you might miss your window before winter is here.

Images: Bob Nelson (1), Lana Campher (1), Josh Post (1), Callum Chapman (1) /Unsplash