Chris Harrison Offers A TV Wedding On 'Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After' But Ben & Lauren Aren't So Sure

Ben and Lauren had plenty of time to get date cards while they were on The Bachelor, but hey — what’s one more for old times’ sake. The couple got a date card from Chris Harrison on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, and boy, were they shocked (I don’t really think they were but go with it) by the news. Chris Harrison offered Ben and Lauren a television wedding on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After , and these two were not sure what to do with the information.

Ben and Lauren have been very vocal about the fact that they’re taking their time in getting to the altar, seeing as they haven’t known each other all that long. They even told E! Online that they were in marriage counseling just to work out all the issues they may have before they get married. When Chris Harrison hit them with this news, Lauren seemed psyched and Ben seemed overwhelmed (this is not new for Ben). He confessed his doubts about a television wedding, which Lauren heard as expressing doubts about their relationship. Not the case! Chris Harrison offered them the wedding of a lifetime, but Ben was worried about it being overrun by the network and not being a personal affair. At the end of the episode, Ben and Lauren agreed to have their wedding televised (why wouldn’t they?), and they smoothed over any strange feelings. Now, the fun begins.


Previews for the next episode show just the amount of planning that will go into a television wedding like this, and The Bachelor is not a quiet event. This wedding will be big, and there will be a lot of Bachelor Nation alum there, as well as Ben and Lauren’s family and friends. Still, I understand why they did it — it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, so why not just go for it? These kids are in it for the long haul.

Images: Melissa Jordan/FreeForm; Giphy