Chad's Killer May Be Surprising On 'Scream Queens'

Are you still in a state of disbelief that we now live in a world without Chad Radwell? Scream Queen fans were struck a huge blow when Chad's very dead body fell through the ceiling during his wedding to Chanel Oberlin in the Oct. 11 episode. Going into this week's episode, I think we were all hoping that there some kind of shenanigans were occurring that would allow Chad to be resurrected à la Jon Snow. Unfortunately, "Halloween Blues" confirmed that he is very much deceased. But that tragic reveal raises one huge question: who killed Chad Radwell on Scream Queens?

The list of suspects is long, because it kind of seems like basically everyone has a motive to kill Chad. Initially, I thought that Dr. Brock Holt should be at the top of the list, as his feelings for Chanel give him a very clear motive — especially since he promised Chad some serious payback for marrying her. Of course, that motive is so obvious, it actually makes him seem more like a red herring. Another obvious choice is the Green Meanie, but since there was no green slime and we didn't see the murder happen, it certainly could've been someone else. The person who seems most guilty to me is actually neither of these suspects. I don't think Chad is a victim of the Green Meanie or Dr. Holt's jealousy — I blame Dean Munsch.

Not only did Dean Munsch and Chad have a sexual relationship in Season 1, but "Halloween Blues" revealed that he actually left his entire fortune to her and her alone. Not only that, but he has changed his will to reflect that on the day of his wedding/death. That's some pretty damning evidence.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, don't forget what happened when Chanel and Denise channeled Chad's spirit using the spirit board. When they asked Chad who killed him, in true Chad fashion, he drew it out so much that he was cut off before he was able to spill the beans. However, before he disappeared, he did say that they wouldn't believe who it was and he was "so pissed off" about the killer. I'm pretty sure that he would be super angry about being killed by his former fling, who said he was better than Chanel, and who he just left all of his money to.

As far as I am concerned, Dean Munsch is up to some spooky business right now. I don't think she is the Green Meanie, but she almost certainly had something to do with Chad's murder. She needs to keep the CURE institute open and thriving, and her financial gain from Chad's death all but proves she was the one who did it.

Images: Michael Becker/FOX (2)