When Do The 'Gilmore Girls' Funko Pop's Come Out? They'll Arrive Just In Time For Christmas

The holidays might feel like a long ways away, but maybe that's because you didn't realize the best gift ever is about to go on the market. Honestly, you should've been being good for months already, just to make sure you don't get coal instead. Of course, I'm talking about the Gilmore Girls Funko Pop! dolls. So, when do the Gilmore Girls Funko Pop! dolls get released? According to Entertainment Weekly, they go for sale in December, shortly after the show makes its triumphant return to Netflix. I'm sure it's been seared into your brain by now, but more Lorelai and Rory Gilmore action is coming your way beginning on Nov. 25 — a day on which I'll be taking no calls. It's amazing news that a little while later, the mother-daughter duo will be making their adorable, square-headed debut as Funko Pop! dolls.

In case you didn't know, Funko Pop! is a Washington-based toy company that's famous for producing four-inch tall figurines, modeled after characters from pop culture. But my ears have never been quite so perked up by one of their upcoming products, until now. Not only will Funko Pop! be releasing not only Rory and Lorelai dolls, but also one for Sookie St. James — bandana and all. And speaking of Sookie, fans couldn't be more excited that Melissa McCarthy's character is returning to Gilmore Girls after all. And what better way to celebrate than with a doll? She'll go great with the Funko Pop! of Lorelai clutching coffee in a Luke's Diner to-go cup and Rory in her old Chilton uniform, which hasn't been spotted in Stars Hollow since Season 3 of the original show.

These little cuties are the perfect thing to get as a stocking stuffer for that friends who's impossible to buy for, or as a gift to yourself from yourself. After all, haven't you been looking for something to add a little personality to your cubicle? These figurines are being released at the ideal time to bring some Gilmore gladness to your holiday season, and I can't wait to re-watch the Netflix series with one perched on my shoulder.

Image: Warner Bros. Television