Diggle Gets A Visit From Deadshot In Prison On 'Arrow,' But Things Aren't what They Seem

Diggle is in a tough spot after his adventures in Chechnya on Arrow . His commanders successfully set him up as a patsy in their attempts to steal a bomb, and in "A Matter of Trust," Diggle is paying for it. Back in the US, Diggle is facing serious military charges and taken to a military prison to await his trial. But, in prison he finds himself facing a whole new challenge: Deadshot. That's right, Diggle got a visit from Deadshot in prison on Arrow , years after watching Floyd Lawton die in a fiery explosion.

While Lyla investigates Diggle's predicament, he is stuck playing cards with Deadshot in his cell. Deadshot, fans will recall, is the man who was responsible for killing Diggle's brother, Andy. Or, at least, we thought he was, when it was really just an evil Hive plan. Now, after killing his brother himself, Deadshot pushes him on his actions. How can he look at Deadshot, the man he hated so much he wanted to kill, when he ended up being his own brother's killer? Well, it turns out, he's not looking at Deadshot at all. When Lyla returns, Diggle realizes that he's not in a cell with Lawton, he's all alone with his guilt.

He tells Lyla he doesn't want her to keep looking into who framed him, he wants to be punished for killing his brother, just like he wanted to punish Lawton all those years ago. And if that means being behind bars, then that's what he's going to do. Diggle seems content with rotting in jail for his crimes, but Lyla isn't going to let that stand. (And, frankly, neither are we.) She went straight to Oliver at the end of the episode, and it looks like Team Arrow will be staging a prison break next week.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; dailydctv/tumblr