Will Evan Peters Return To 'AHS: Roanoke'? His Character Didn't Have A Great Time

Even though fans just finally got Evan Peters on American Horror Story: Roanoke one week ago, he's already gone. His character, Rory died on AHS: Roanoke on Wednesday, and, since this time it was the actual re-enactment actor who died, not his character, it doesn't bode well for his return. But, I have to hope that Ryan Murphy wouldn't give us him like one million years late just to take him away from us after two episodes. Perhaps Evan Peters will come back to AHS as a ghost to help or haunt the remainder of the contestants.

After all, let's not forget that Rory's re-enactment character, Philippe Mott, died and then came back as a ghost to help fake-Shelby and fake-Matt during My Roanoke Nightmare. I mean, I guess the rules are different since that was a dramatic re-enactment and Rory is living (or was living) his real life, but I feel like Murphy knows that he needs to use Peters to his full potential. And, Murphy has a history of ghost returns for characters, just saying.

I have to say that between Hotel and Roanoke, I'm really blown away by Peters' talent. He adopts new accents at the drop of a hat, and I always 100 percent believe the character he's playing. He's one of the most-skilled actors in the Murphy rotation, and I don't think the show would get rid of him that quickly. The series has credited Peters at the end of every episode, so if he was only going to be around for two of the 10, why would they give him such high billing?

I think Peters' character Rory will make a grand return. As what and on whose side is TBD, but I'm excited to see how things turn out.