Pizza Hut Will Pay You $50,000 To Eat Pizza & Travel, So It's Time To Turn In Your Two Weeks, Y'all

Supportive parents have been telling their kids for ages that they should find what they are passionate about and make it their jobs. Well, last time I checked, eating shrimp and watching Netflix isn't a job. But it looks like there is something pretty damn close. Pizza Hut is hiring someone to eat pizza for $50,000 and you can totally be that person.

After striking a deal with the NCAA (National Collegiate Athlete Association), Pizza Hut announced their search for the "Pizza Hut All-American". The basic premise is simple — one VERY lucky person will travel the country, attending collegiate sporting events and eating pizza. They would be documenting their journey on social media and obviously be an extension of the Pizza Hut brand.

You're telling me that I can eat pizza, watch college sporting events, AND get paid more money than I have gotten since graduating college myself?! Yeah, I don't really need to think about this. All I really need to do is find the submission forms and go to town. Pizza is basically America's favorite food group, and knowing that I would be getting paid to indulge in that habit is all I really need.

According to the official Pizza Hut website, they have a specific image in mind when it comes to the right person for the job.

"The right candidate will be outgoing, enthusiastic and eager to share his/her journey with fans. He/she have a proven track record of creating great content, with a detailed understanding of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat."

This totally makes sense. If you're going to pay someone an absurd amount of money to do a dream job, the least you can do is set some ground rules.

The only thing truly stopping me and a lot of other people from applying is having the sports knowledge. I can do the eating and traveling pretty seamlessly — but talking about sports I don't know anything about is pretty hard. Even I can't fake that.

The job is most likely going to go to someone who has a big online following or presence. Someone who fits the brand and can also keep up with sports. My guess is that they are looking for someone like Vine's own Logan Paul, a wrestler and entertainer who has an insane social media following. I mean — the guy has two first names as his full name. That's legit.

You can check out the official rules and guidelines for submission on their website. You never know. Maybe you will be the next "Pizza Hut All-American". As long as you are over 21 years of age and an American citizen, you have a shot. And if you don't get chosen, you can just sit back and munch of a delicious slice anyway. That's the beauty of Pizza Hut.

Images: Pixabay