Felicity's Secret Boyfriend Will Be Revealed ASAP

Warning: Spoilers starting in 3, 2… Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) let a huge cat out of the bag at the very end of Wednesday night's Arrow. Overwhelming guilt from her actions in Season 4’s “Monument Point” episode got the best of her, as she finally told Rory (Joe Dinicol) she was the one responsible for the destruction of his hometown Havenrock and the death of his family. You would think Felicity would be maxed-out of revealing secrets after that intense scene. But Arrow’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim suggested otherwise at a special Q&A earlier this week. Guggenheim explained how fan reaction to Felicity’s major decision influenced the storyline and when Oliver (Stephen Amell) will finally find out about her secret boyfriend.

First thing’s first: Monument Point. Guggenheim said fans can expect a very “human reaction” from Rory to the bomb Felicity dropped. “He reacts to it the way I think you might expect him to, but not in this overblown kind of way. It’s very grounded and very human,” he said. “We talked a lot about that storyline and Rory’s point of view, Felicity’s point of view.” In fact, furious fans were the ones who caused the “anti-Felicity point of view” to arise in the story.

“It’s funny, a lot of times you write a storyline, and it has [a] different reaction than the one you expected,” said Guggenheim. “I think we were all taken aback, not in a bad way, but just surprised that there was so much outrage over Felicity’s actions in 421.” Guggenheim and his team received an outpouring response from fans who were “upset” Felicity saved Monument Point at the expense of Havenrock.

That said, stepping outside of Felicity’s mindset was exciting for the producers. “It was fun to actually get a chance to articulate the anti-Felicity point of view and the pro-Felicity point of view,” he said. “It could make for a very interesting moral dilemma, and we got a chance to play with that.”

Speaking of moral dilemma, how about Felicity’s boyfriend?…

While recovering from the romantic and emotional turmoil between Oliver and Felicity in season 4, fans have gotten snippets of the new man in Felicity’s life: Detective Malone (Tyler Ritter). But will Felicity continue keeping her life hidden from him? Or keeping him a secret from the team, and of course, Oliver? Not for long, it seems.

“It’s the classic thing of: No secrets stay secret on Arrow forever,” said Guggenheim. Oliver is about to learn about Felicity’s man very soon. Like, in-two-weeks soon. According to Guggenheim, Oliver will find out about Felicity’s boyfriend in episode 505, but remained tight-lipped about Oliver’s reaction. As far as Detective Malone’s reaction when he learns Felicity works with Arrow? “I’m not going to spoil [that],” he said.

Hopefully, the boys will play nice for Felicity's sake.

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