Oliver & Felicity Embark On A New 'Arrow' Journey

I think we all know by now that no series can end a season quite like this one (you know, in that it has the ability to leave us curled up and weeping in a pool of our own tears), but Wednesday night's Arrow Season 3 finale proved to incorporate an exceptionally surprising twist. We knew there was no way we could make it out of this episode without a few OMG moments, but "My Name Is Oliver Queen" managed to go above and beyond our expectations in the best way possible. Oliver and Felicity have reunited and run away together! How is that even possible, you may ask? Well, it starts and ends with the fact that Oliver has stopped being the Arrow entirely and left Starling City in the hands of his fellow team members.

I can say with absolute certainty that this was something I did not see coming. (Damn you, Arrow, you did it again!) It really does make sense though, given that Oliver's Arrow identity has been permanently compromised. Like he told Team Arrow, he couldn't return as the Emerald Archer even if he wanted to, which means they'll just have to take up the reigns in his stead. And given how much he's craved a happy ending between him and Felicity, Oliver finally decided to follow his heart rather than any sense of vigilante obligation. And I gotta say, seeing them drive away on a romantic adventure together was more than enough to send my Olicity heart all aflutter.

Quite honestly, it felt a bit like a series finale, given the finality of Oliver's departure. I mean, how can he still possibly be incorporated into the show if he's no longer donning the green getup? Does this mean we're getting an Olicity spin-off! (I wish.) Seriously, though, this situation leaves us with a ton of questions regarding Oliver's future moving forward. Because we know Olicity's happy ending won't be able to last forever. They've got to return to Starling City at some point or else what's the point of having a show called Arrow? Something tells me we haven't seen the last of that green ensemble just yet.

Image: Liane Hentscher/The CW