19 '90s Movies To Stream For A Night In

I think we can all agree that, while the past 16 years have given us plenty of amazing movies (and even more amazing pop culture), there's still nothing quite like the '90s. Thankfully, there are some '90s movies you can stream right now. As every child of the '90s knows, there really isn't a decade like it. The '90s gave us Britney Spears, Aaliyah, baby Ryan Gosling dancing, and Beverly Hills, 90210 — you get the picture. But perhaps the best thing to come out of 1990s pop culture is the movies. Oh, the '90s birthed many a classic, and, thanks to the new, fancy 21st century technology, many of those classics are available to view online.

Obviously, there are hundreds of '90s movies available to stream on various platforms right now. But, as we all know, not all movies are created equal. If you're looking to stream a good '90s movie, it can be an overwhelming challenge to find the right one, especially if you have to look through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Go. Lucky for you, movie night is about to get a lot easier. Below are 19 of the best '90s movies you can stream right this very second. You can thank me later.

1. Dazed and Confused — Netflix

Witness the onscreen birth of Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused, a stoner classic.

2. Pulp Fiction — Netflix & Amazon Prime

Quentin Tarantino's 1994 classic is available to stream at your own risk on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

3. Clueless — Netflix

Clueless is the definitive '90s teen movie — end of discussion.

4. American Beauty — Netflix

Switching gears a bit, American Beauty was a huge '90s hit that has also managed to live beyond the decade.

5. Good Will Hunting — Netflix & Amazon Prime

Before Ben Affleck was The Accountant, it was Matt Damon who was playing the genius in Good Will Hunting.

6. Before Sunrise — Amazon Prime

A solid romance, Before Sunrise will have your heart beating with a lot of '90s emotions.

7. Primary Colors — Amazon Prime

In 1998, John Travolta and Emma Thompson starred as fictional versions of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Primary Colors. Seems like an appropriate '90s movie to revisit right now.

8. The Talented Mr. Ripley — Amazon Prime

Matt Damon is an adorable threat in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

9. Notting Hill — Amazon Prime

They really don't make romantic comedies the way they did in the '90s anymore...

10. Election — Amazon Prime

No, Reese Witherspoon did not suddenly emerge from nowhere in 2001's Legally Blonde.

11. Velvet Goldmine — Amazon Prime

Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Christian Bale star in this movie about 1970s musicians in this '90s dream.

12. American Pie — HBO Go

Like it or not, American Pie kind of defined the late '90s, and, for that alone, it deserves another viewing.

13. Dumb & Dumber — HBO Go

Imagine the '90s if Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels hadn't joined together for Dumb & Dumber.

14. The English Patient — HBO Go

Classic '90s romance anyone?

15. The Iron Giant — HBO Go

The Iron Giant was one of the best non-Disney animated films of the '90s, hands down.

16. Rushmore — HBO Go

Rushmore kicked off our decades-long obsession with Wes Anderson in 1998 and marked the beginning of Anderson's collaboration with Bill Murray.

17. This Boy's Life — HBO Go

If a '90s movie roundup doesn't feature Leonardo DiCaprio, does it even count?

18. The Wedding Singer — HBO Go

This original Drew Barrymore-Adam Sandler romantic comedy is, without a doubt, the best.

19. Silence of the Lambs — Hulu

Silence of the Lambs is directly responsible for decades of cannibal-themed movies and television shows. So, thanks for that, '90s.

And, there you have it. All the best '90s movies available to stream at your convenience. We might miss the movies of the '90s, but I think we can all agree that some things are best left in the past. Like VCRs.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (17); iloveemmathompson, dicapriosource/tumblr