When Will Kylie's KyShadow Burgundy Palette Be Restocked? It's Sooner Than Anyone Expected

Clearly, Kylie Jenner never takes a break. Not only does she continue to surprise fans with new lip kits shades totally different than her others, but now she's also branching out into new KyShadows. The good news for fans? While the KyShadow Burgundy Palette may be sold out right now, it's officially on the Kylie Cosmetics calendar for a restock. If you didn't snag that gorgeous, on-trend collection of burgundy and berry on Thursday, you'll be getting your chance much sooner than anyone really expected.

According to a tweet sent out by Jenner, the KyShadow Burgundy Palette is restocking on Monday, Oct. 24. While there's been no word on time yet, it's still exciting to know that the palette is coming back insanely soon for fans who weren't able to snag it on Thursday. Those stunning hues and gorgeous newly formulated shimmers can be all yours in only a few days, but you better mark your calendars quick because one sell out probably leads to another.

Plus, the Burgundy Palette is stunning and completely on trend. Like palettes such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, Jenner's latest collection of KyShadow features warm tones and perfect berries that are perfect for fall just like her latest lip kits.

Fans of the KyShadow Burgundy Palette don't seem to be too bothered by the sell out because tons of fans seemed to snag their palettes.

Some, however, are still bummed about the sell-out.

Don't worry, too much, though, fans. The KyShadow Burgundy Palette is coming back on Monday, Oct. 24. Get that browser and credit card ready!