How To Make Time For Your Partner When You're Busy

When I first got into my relationship, I thought my boyfriend and my 100-hour workweek would have to battle it out until the bitter end. Yet somehow, I've managed to maintain both. Turns out, there are a lot of weird ways to make time for your partner when you're busy AF. You may have to get creative and resort to some weird measures, but I am living proof that there is really no such thing as being too busy for your loved ones.

Most of the strategies I've accumulated are based on taking things that you have to do anyway and finding ways to do them together. Even the biggest workaholics have to eat, sleep, and shower, for example (though we may not do those things as much as we'd like). By optimizing these activities, you can actually save time while getting as much work done and connecting with your partner. Sound impossible? Read on.

Now, I'm not saying you should get to the point where you have to resort to these measures. But if you don't have a choice, here are some ways to simultaneously have an absurdly demanding work schedule and be in a relationship.

1. Run Each Other's Errands

We all have to run errands. That time is gone from your workday anyway. So, why not use it to show your partner you care instead of just getting what you yourself need? Picking up each other's shampoo and favorite cereal (or, perhaps more practically, take turns picking up groceries and toiletries for the both of you) is one way to connect without needing to make any more time in your schedule.

2. Cook For Each Other

You spend pretty much the same amount of time cooking for two people as you do for one, but since you're feeding two, you actually save time by doing this. Think about it: Instead of cooking every night, you only have to do it every other night. Even if you both eat it in front of your computers, making food for each other is a loving gesture that'll make you appreciate each other.

3. Shower Together

You've both got to bath anyway, and a shower is much more fun when someone else is washing you. Plus, you use up less hot water, so it's good for the environment and your electric bill.

4. Sleep Together

Obviously, if you live together, you'll probably be sleeping in the same bed anyway. But even if you don't, your dates can consist solely of sleeping if that's what it takes to make time for each other. Or, if you can't sleep through the night with someone else next to you, you can try just sharing nap time.

5. Combine Workouts

Even if you don't get around to working out that much, the time you can devote to exercise will help clear your mind, so it's worthwhile if you can make it out for a short run or yoga class. Plus, working out together can boost your attraction by releasing endorphins.

6. Work Side By Side

I can't always handle this, especially when I really need to feel like nobody wants my attention so that I can focus. But for less intensive tasks, it can be comforting to cuddle up to your significant other while you're working. You can even be each other's sounding boards if you need help coming up with ideas.

7. Share Your Commute

Obviously, this one will not work for everyone. But if you have an office in a similar place, your walk or ride to work can be your bonding time, even if it's just part of the way. Even just a shared walk to the train station can pay off if you think ahead enough to coordinate your trips to and from work.

8. Get Each Other Gifts

It only takes a few minutes — and potentially $5 or less, if you go for a small gift like candy — to pick up something for your partner on your way home from work. But it can go a very long way toward reminding both of you that even when you don't have time for each other, you still love each other.

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