17 Cheap Couples Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016 That Won't Break The Bank

Every Halloween, I have the same predicament: my partner and I want to dress up, but we don't want to spend money, we don't want to spend too much time planning and we don't want to go out of our way. And so typically, we end up doing nothing and stressing out last minute because all of our friends have put something together and we feel left out. There just aren't a lot of cheap couples Halloween costume ideas to choose from.

Unless Halloween is your ultimate holiday jam, you're probably not super excited about planning a costume far in advance. There are so many other things to worry about in the fall like, is this the last warmish day for months? And, did I get my fill of PSL? And, should I do a pumpkin face mask? And then Halloween rolls around and it seems like everyone's spent the last month solely planning for the event and not stressing over pumpkins and temperatures. And there you are, wondering if black lipstick might save you.

This year, try checking out some of these cheap couple options. Most of these costumes can be recreated with things from your own closet, save a wig or vial of fake blood you might need to order on the cheap. Halloween doesn't need to be a big deal, but if you put your attention towards it for a good 10 minutes, you might end up planning something really cool and feeling like you a part of something when the night rolls around:

Mario & Princess Peach


Who doesn't love a good ol' Nintendo throw back?

What You'll Need: We're going really simple here, folks. Mario's going to need a pair of overalls ($29, Chicnova), a red shirt ($17, Wearall), a red hat ($20, Topshop) and a fake mustache ($4, Amazon). For Princess Peach, you'll need a pink or peach colored dress ($35, Dorothy Perkins), a tiara ($10, Monsoon), and a pair of blue stud earrings ($10, Bluefly), and a need for speed.

Image: Polyvore

Hawaiian Tourists

It's a little bit nerdy, it's a little bit cute. You'll probably end up wearing these clothing items again, but hopefully separately.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: You can dress up this look as much as you want. Add a rolled map in your back pocket, a pair of binoculars around your neck and sunblock on your nose. But for your foundation, you'll need a retro Hawaiian shirt ($19, Etsy), a pair of khaki shorts ($10, Hollister), a lei ($5, Amazon), a faux camera around your neck ($5, Amazon), and a flower behind your ear ($8, Etsy).

Snapchat Filters

If you and your girl are looking for a low-key, recognizable costume that's super inexpensive, go as Snapchat filters.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: If you don't already have a solid nude lip and some airbrush-style foundation, you'll need to some to make this costume authentic. For the butterfly goddess look, you'll need some gold-painted butterfly clips ($4, NewChic) and leaf clips ($2, Yoins), you'll also need some glittery eyeliner ($22, Belk), and a peach lipstick ($14, Dollskill). For the flower crown filter, you'll need a thick crown like this one ($30, Etsy), some photo finish foundation ($34, Macy's) and some mauve-toned lipstick ($14, Dollskill).

Bird Watchers

I mean, chances are, you have these things somewhere in your house. So if you're trying to save money, tear through that hall closet and I'm sure you'll find the goods for this costume.

What You'll Need: Bird watchers are out in the sun all day, so you'll definitely need a brimmed sun hat ($17, Back Country), preferably in a earth tone color, you'll also need a pair of binoculars ($9, Amazon) and cargo shorts ($45, L.L.Bean) with as many pockets as possible. Feel free to add a bird book to your look to help people see the full vision, it will also give you something to read if your Halloween party gets boring.

Dead People

Yes, be as vague and general as possible. You can just be you two, but dead!

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: As far as clothing goes, you and your partner will just wear something from your own wardrobes that you're not afraid to get some fake blood stains on. To gruel things up, you'll need some fake blood ($4, Amazon), some deep purple lipstick ($24, Barney's) some smokey eye shadow ($6, Target), some dark liner ($22, Belk), and some gray contouring powder ($29, Lord & Taylor) for special effects. Make your shadows shadowier and make yourself as pale and gray as possible. That will get the point across!

A Hungry Bella & Edward

It's basically just your fall clothes, but embellished with a "hint* of vampire.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: Bella and Edward were just your average Pacific Northwest teenagers who happened to have an exciting secret. The only hint of their otherness was when they were hungry, so that's the look we're going for this Halloween. For Bella, you'll need a brown bomber jacket, ($43, Zulily), basic long sleeves t-shirt ($30, American Eagle), a pair of skinny jeans ($16, BooHoo), some Converse sneakers ($50, J.C. Penny) and some red contact lenses ( $20, Amazon). For Edward, you'll need a gray peacoat ($100, Macy's), jeans ($40, American Eagle), boots, a blue shirt, ($42, Macy's) and a pair of equally red contact lenses. Add some white make up ($36, Macy's) to really drive the point home.

Lichtenstein Painting


If you're looking for some artsy fartsy credits, you'll get them with this costume.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: For the woman, you'll need a leopard coat ($49, SheIn), some round, elegant earrings ($27, Overstock), a yellow wig ($70, Etsy) and some ruby red lipstick ($11, Dollskill). For the man, you'll need a blue jacket ($85, Rent the Runway), a white shirt ($40, Hollister), a red tie ($11, Overstock) and some black and blue non-permanent hair dye ($18, Target). If you want to be true to the painting, you can cover your faces in tiny dots, and outline your features with a black liner, but it's not totally necessary. I think people will get the picture.

Angry Birds

Millennials might not get it, but kids and people's parents will surely know who you are!

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: We can help you out with the bird part, but the angry part is going to be up to you! For red, you'll need a red jumpsuit ($48, 6PM), a pair of red-feathered shoes ($30, MakeMeChic) and a red-feathered boa ($9, Etsy) that you're going to wrap around your arms like wings. For Blue Jay, you'll need a blue jumpsuit ($50, Rent the Runway), a pair of blue-feathered shoes ($30, MakeMeChic) and a blue-feathered boa ($9, Etsy) that you'll also wrap around your arms like wings. For both birds, you'll cover your nose in a mix of yellow and orange lipstick ($24, Sephora), to make it look like a beak. You can rim your eyes in as much eyeliner as you like, you might even want to use it on your eyebrows to make yourself look extra mad!



What? You said you guys were on a budget!

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: Well, you'll definitely need a few rolls of toilet paper, but you're an adult, so you've got some at home. We hope. Underneath the toilet paper, you'll need a white leotard ($19, WearAll), and a pair of white tights ($36, Shoebuy) so you don't freeze or accidentally expose yourself in a gust of wind.

Pigs In A Blanket

I'm all for costumes that keep you warm and are cozy.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: This one's a little bit self-explanatory. The pig part, will only require you to wear a piggy mask ($9, Etsy). You can paint your face pink if you'd like to really up your game. For the blanket part, you'll simple wrap yourselves together in one big blanket ($47, ZincDoor). Stay warm, stay close, win/win!



Don't bother buying a costume, create your own! You and your partner can be yourselves, only as your superhero alter egos.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: We're going for an old school retro superhero vibe here. And by old school, I mean how you would dress when you were a kid and had to make do with average kid clothes, yes, that's right we're going inside-out. You'll need a fitted women's shirt ($15, Amazon) and a fitted men's shirt ($32, Macy's), and a pair of fitted women's pants ($29, Dorothy Perkins) and a pair of fitted men's pants ($42, Khols). Then you'll put a bright pair of underpants ($8, American Eagle) over the pants, tie a sheet ($21, Target) around your shoulders as a cape and a masquerade mask ($1, Party City) over your eyes.

Private School Dropouts

From far away you'll look prim and proper, but up close it will just be one big mess!

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: For the private school rebel lady, you'll need a plaid skirt ($37, Chic Wish), a blue blazer, a white shirt ($16, H&M) and a red tie ($11, Overstock). Add some fake cigarettes, ($3, Party City) and black lipstick for vibes. For the private school rebel boy, you'll need a blue blazer ($160, Top Man), a white shirt ($70, Lands' End), a red tie ($11, Overstock), a pair of khakis ($50. Hollister), a skull cap ($32, Far Fetch) and a flask for vibes (459, Selfridges).

Holly & Cat


Holly's most comfortable and easy to replicate look, by far. Who doesn't want to be in their pajamas all night?

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: Holly's wearing bedclothes, so you can either wear a white nightgown you have lying around, or get a white bathrobe, hotel style ($60, Topshop). You'll need her iconic eye mask ($18, Etsy) and some fancy earplugs that you can DIY with a pair of blue tassels from a craft store. For Cat, you'll simply dress as a cat. You'll need a pair of tan ears ($19, Forever 21), a pair of tan leggings ($35, Dorothy Perkins), and a tan leotard ($37, Shoebuy). Feel free to draw on some brown whiskers and a cat eye, too.

'90s Supermodels

A little bit of '90s casual glam never hurt nobody.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: '90s super models were all about those skin-tight, high-waisted jeans. You know, the kind that went up your butt a little bit? You'll need a pair of those ($40, H&M), a white basic crop top ($15, SheIn), a pair of hoop earrings ($17, Zulily) some brown lip liner ($25, Sephora) and brown lipstick ($20, Macy's), some chunky heels ($40, BooHoo), and a hand drawn mole on your face, if you please.

Agent Cooper & Audrey Horne


Just in time for the Twin Peaks reboot, you can get back into character.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: For Agent Cooper, it doesn't really matter what you wear under the trench coat, as long as you have a long coat ($160, Khols) with a red tie ($10, C21), a little bit of pomade in your hair, a tape recorder in your hand ($18, Amazon), and a donut in your mouth, people will know who you are. For Audrey, you'll need her iconic black curled wig ($15, Target) some red lipstick, a 3/4 sleeve shirt ($30, BooHoo) and a midi length patterned skirt ($30, Victoria Swing).

Axl & Slash


Arguably the best duo of the '80s rock and roll royalty.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: These bad boys are all about the hair. For Slash, you'll need a long, black curly wig ($15, Gamiss), topped off with a classic top hat ($83, Nordstrom). You'll also need a denim vest ($88, Tradsey), a pair of tight-fitting black pants ($10, H&M) and some combat boots ($25, Traffic Shoe). For Axl Rose, you'll need a long blond wig ($24, Amazon), secured with a red bandana ($12, Karma Loop). Wear any vintage t-shirt of your liking ($15, Hot Topic) along with some faux leather pants ($29, Knitted Belle) and some motorcycle booties ($39, Romwe).

Retro MK & A

By retro, I clearly mean 2004, the year that the twins basically funded tabloids just by leaving the house with coffee.

Image: Polyvore

What You'll Need: Ashley's always got more of a classic look, so dress up as her, you'll just need a pair of slim-fitting distressed jeans ($28, The Hut), an oversized sweater ($22, Maykool), an oversized scarf ($38, Humble Chic), a pair of matching retro sunglasses ($10, Torrid), a cocktail ring, a sleek parted low pony tail and a massive Starbucks cup. Mary Kate's a bit more edgy, with ripped tights ($16, ChicNova), a black mini skirt, an oversized sweater ($40, Mango), an oversized infinity scarf ($24, Amazon), a huge pair of sunglasses ($10, PopMap), a huge ring ($30, Nordstrom Rack) and a huge coffee!