20 Cheap Halloween Costumes For Couples

For most people, Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to get cutesy with their significant other. Clearly, they haven't given Halloween enough credit, because it seriously doesn't get more amazing than these cheap Halloween costumes for couples. After all, now is the best time to adorn yourselves in ridiculously spooky (or not-so-spooky) outfits. Dressing up with your partner isn't only fun, but it shows just how much you two are peas in the pod. Or Thing 1 and Thing 2. Or Wayne and Garth. Or...well, you get the point.

Contrary to what you may think, couples costumes aren't just for actual couples. Even if you don't have a significant other at the moment, you can still get in on the doubled fun. Any pairing would be awesome for you and your sibling, best friend, or roommate. It's all about having a blast, and teaming up with someone who rules.

Pick a couples costume that expresses your relationship with the other person. Better yet, use one of these ideas as inspiration for a Halloween costume based on an inside joke or mutual love for something. Amazing gram-worthy photos, a good laugh, and awesome memories? Halloween night can't get any better than that.

1. Grease Couple

Give Danny and Sandy a run for their money with a Grease couples costume. I'm loving how easy it is to put together this look after a trip to the thrift store — or better yet, your closets!

To take on this pairing, one of you needs a leather jacket, white t-shirt, blue denim jeans, and a heavy hand of hair gel. The other one will need a girly retro outfit. If you'd like to channel Olivia Newton-John's iconic look, wear a black off-the-shoulder shirt, black skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket. Or, you can take a note from the pretty lady above with an outfit inspired by pin-up fashion. Both looks are spot-on (and easy).

2. Double-Stuffed Oreo

For an outfit that shows how much your significant other completes you, whip up a double-stuffed Oreo costume. To start off, both of you will need to rock an all-white ensemble (or at least white shirts).

Try: White Shirts Fruit Of The Loom 6-Pack, $12, Amazon

Next, you'll each need a large Oreo cookie to hold. If you're the crafty type, you can make the Oreo cookies by painting large cardboard circles brown. The details can be drawn or painted on with marker or acrylic paint. Don't feel like holding the cookies all night? Attach it to the back of your shirt with fabric glue.

Try: Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set-18 Piece, $18, Amazon

Thankfully, you don't have to be DIY savvy to take on this project. A large color print-out of an Oreo cookie works just as great. Remember, it doesn't even have to be as big as the lovebirds' cookies above. Simply cut out the photo, and glue it to cardboard or your shirts.

3. Gumball Machine and Quarter

It goes without saying that gumballs and quarters go together like salt and pepper. This is the perfect costume for you if you love bright colors. For the gumball machine costume, simply hot glue a rainbow of pom-poms onto a red shirt. You can also add a "25¢" sign, if you'd like.

Try: PomPoms, $7, Amazon

To make the quarter, all you need to do is print out a quarter. Add it to a shirt, and you're ready to roll.

4. Mr. & Mrs. PacMan

Arcade lovers and '80s kids will adore this couples costume. All you have to do is create Mr. and Mrs. Pacman out of cardboard circles, and tape or glue them to your shirts. Fortunately, this duo is made of super simple shapes. Your best bet is to draw them out with a pencil first before applying acrylic paint.

Here's a tip: tracing a large circular object will help immensely. Ideas include buckets, embroidery hoops, and side tables.

5. Loofah and Soap

For a bubbly look, turn yourselves into bath time essentials. To make a loofah outfit, hot glue tulle to a dress or shirt. Fold and scrunch up the tulle to create that loofah shape and look. Add a piece of tulle to a headband, and attach a strand of rope to complete the outfit.

Try: Tulle Roll Light Pink, $7, Amazon

Try: Satin Headband, $8, Amazon

To transform into a bar of soap, wear a white rectangle that reads "SOAP." Too cute.

6. Burglars

Here's one of those costume ideas that can be thrown together in a jiffy. You and your partner-in-crime will need to wear black and white striped shirts and black beanies. Top it off with a leather jacket for good measure. Don't forget to whip up a bag; simply add a dollar sign to a tote bag or drawstring bag. You can even add it to the purse you'll be using that night.

Of course, we can't forget the eye masks. Inexpensive eyeliner or black lipstick work great for this purpose. Check out the drug store for your best options; Wet N' Wild and NYC are both relatively cheap.

Try: Falari Unisex Black Beanie Cap, $7, Amazon

7. Alice and The White Rabbit

As a die-hard fan of Alice in Wonderland, I might be a little biased with this couples costume. But seriously, how adorable?!

To recreate this pairing, one of you will need to wear a red blazer, a bow-tie, and rabbit ears. While I wouldn't recommend carrying an actual clock, you can easily make a pocket watch out of cardboard and paint. Thick cord works great as the "chain." You can even carry a real pocket watch if you have one.

The Alice costume needs a light blue dress, a white apron, and a big bow. The girlier the dress, the better.

Try: Women's Alice Wonderland French Apron Maid Cosplay Costume, $20, Amazon

8. Alice and The Mad Hatter

Feeling like The Mad Hatter is more your type? One of you will need a funky top hat, a button-down, a bow tie, and a blazer. To really channel your inner Mad Hatter, make your hair go insane with extra hair spray or gel.

And we can't forget the red eye shadow under the eyes. This will really pull the look together, and create The Mad Hatter's iconic sense of insanity.

Try: Manic Panic Vampire Red Eye Shadow, $12, Amazon

9. Lion Tamer and Lion

I would love to take on this costume just so I can wear a lion hat. Because... it's a lion hat.

Feeling inspired by this duo? One of you will need a fancy shmancy vest. Again, check out the thrift store for something inexpensive. You can always embellish it with flashy trimmings from the craft store. The other one will need a lion hat or mask, a tan and white outfit, and a lion tail. If you can't find that last one, make a lion tail with some brown yarn.

Try: Lion Animal Half Mask, $12, Amazon

10. Lilo and Stitch

It goes without saying that Disney costumes are the best costumes, each and every time. The Stitch half of the pair can be made with a blue hoodie and fabric scraps. You might also be lucky enough to find a Stitch costume; I see them around every year. A Stitch mask works just as great.

For Lilo's look, wear a red top and a crown made of leaves. To make your own crown, take some floral wire and create a circle. Twist the ends together to secure. Bring in some faux or real leaves, and wrap the stems around the circle using wire scraps.

11. Thing 1 and Thing 2

As one of my favorite last minute Halloween costumes, Thing 1 (or 2) is far too easy to make. It's one of those looks that just isn't complete without another person. All you need is a red shirt, white paper, a black marker, and a blue wig. You can also use blue hair spray available in the Halloween section of most convenience stores.

Try: High Beams Intense Temporary Spray on Hair Color, $7, Amazon

12. Box of Nerds

Here's another one to give something for your sweet tooth to gush about. To make a Nerds box inspired by this clever couple, start by painting a cardboard rectangle pink. Repeat with another piece with purple paint. Once dry, paint irregular spots in a shade lighter than the background color. You can create this shade by mixing in a little white.

Next, print out Nerds graphics and logos. Adhere them on with a glue stick, referring to the real Nerds box for placement. Finally, hot glue a strip of ribbon to the top two corners. Now, you and your S.O. can wear them around your neck like the Nerds you are.

13. Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

This photo just cracks me up — how spot on is that wolf? Of course, you don't have to go full wolf-status to take on this couples costume. A pair of ears and a mask would work just as great. On the other hand, Little Red Riding Hood will need a white dress and a red cape. If you can't find a red cape, take a yard of red fabric and tie it around your neck. Done and done.

Try: California Costumes Women's Dark Red Riding Hood, $27, Amazon

14. Frankenstein and His Bride

Nothing says Halloween like our guy Frankenstein and his Bride. To dress up as Frankenstein, wear head-to-toe black. Don't forget to top it off with a blazer. As for his leading lady? Wear a fancy, long white dress, and temporarily dye your hair black with a strip of white.

Try: Raven Black Manic Panic Hair Dye, $17, Amazon

Here's the fun part: cover your faces in green face paint. You could also try crushed up green eye shadow mixed with inexpensive foundation in a light shade. Take some black eyeliner and create stitch marks. Lastly, the Bride should wear some dark lipstick to really complete this spooky look.

Try: Smiffy's Makeup FX Face And Body Paint, $5, Amazon

Try: Silvercell Long Lasting Moisturize Lipstick, $3, Amazon

15. Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World

If you're a '90s child, you'll totally appreciate this outfit pairing. One of you will need an all-black ensemble topped off with a black hat. If it says "Wayne's World," that's even better. The other will need big glasses, a plaid button-down, and a graphic t-shirt. These costumes work best with a brunette and a blond, but it's not mandatory. Remember, it's more about the fun, and less about the specifics!

16. Pantone Colors

Graphic designers and artists — this one's for you. As the perfect last minute "oh crap it's Halloween soon" costume, Pantone colors can be customized to your liking. All you need is an outfit in one solid color, and a "Pantone" print-out.

To fully mimic those iconic swatches, add a strip of white paper to your garments. This can easily be adhered with double-sided tape.

17. Lightning Bolt and Strike Victim

All I can say is... hah! This is pretty hilarious. To dress up as a lightning bolt, cut out a large bolt out of cardboard. Cut out a hole for your head, and paint it yellow. The cloud hat can be made by hot gluing white pom-poms or cotton balls to a beanie or baseball cap. Wear blue or black for a stormy ensemble.

Try: White Pom Poms, $4, Amazon

For the strike victim, tear apart a shirt from the thrift store. Next, hack away at an umbrella, then practice your best "OMFG" pose.

18. Misty and Ash

If you and your better half were fans of Pokémon during its prime, this couples costume is for you. To dress up as Misty, wear a yellow shirt, red suspenders, denim shorts, and red shoes. Put your hair up in pigtails to complete the look.

Try: Red Suspenders, $8, Amazon

Ash will need a white short-sleeved button down, a blue vest, blue pants, and a red and white hat. Don't forget to draw on the logo with a black marker or paint. And of course, we can't forget about those green fingerless gloves.

Carry around some plush Pokémon toys for good measure. Togepi and Pikachu are your best bet, but any Pokémon will do the trick.

Try: Men's Sleeveless Hoodie Zip Up Cotton Vest, $23, Amazon

Try: Green Gloves, $10, Amazon

19. Prince Eric and Ariel

For another take on a Disney classic, transform into Ariel and her beloved Prince Eric. Next, memorize all of the words to "Part of Your World." You'll have to play the part, after all.

Prince Eric will need a white button-up shirt, a red waist sash, and dark blue pants. Miss Ariel, on the other hand, will need a white or purple top with metallic green leggings. To really amp up the mermaid look, attach shell print-outs (or real shells) to the chest.

Try: Red Waist Sash, $14, Amazon

Try: Dark Blue Pants, $12, Amazon

Try: Metallic Green Leggings, $9, Amazon

20. Sheldon and Amy

Embrace your awkwardness with a costume inspired by the beloved Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Amy. To turn into Sheldon, you'll need a red shirt layered over a blue long-sleeved top. Better yet, snag one of the exact shirts Sheldon has worn.

Try: Flash Shirt, $11, Amazon

To channel your inner Amy, wear a striped cardigan over a printed button-down shirt. Bring in a modest skirt, and vibrant tights. You can go in a million different directions with this, especially if you shop your closet and the thrift store first. Don't forget the glasses, too.

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Image: Universal Pictures