A Major A-List Celeb Was Almost On 'Gilmore Girls'

Often, the best intel you can get about a TV show doesn't come from its cast, but the people who worked behind the scenes. That was definitely the case at the first panel of the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival, when casting director Jami Rudofsky shared a major piece of trivia that even the most ardent fans were likely surprised to hear. When moderator Michael Ausiello asked for a good "one that got away" story, Rudofsky revealed that Ryan Gosling was almost on Gilmore Girls and the reason why he ultimately didn't get the part is totally shocking — especially when you consider the many acclaimed roles he's had throughout his career.

When sharing the story at the Gilmore Girls: Behind The Scenes panel, Rudofsky saved the big Gosling reveal for the end, but it was entertaining nonetheless. According to her story, she had previously worked on casting a different show, which she didn't name but referred to as "a very pretty teen drama," and saw a young actor audition who, at first, she wasn't impressed by. "He was late... and blonde," she said. But she later realized that what she didn't like about the actor when she first met him was the result of him being in character. As soon as the actual audition began, Rudofsky was blown away.

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Later, she started working on Gilmore Girls, and that same blonde actor came in to audition for a role. It doesn't appear to have been a major part — neither Rudofsky or fellow casting director Mara Casey could even remember what it was, only recalling that it might've been "a football role." Still, Rudofsky was excited to see the memorable actor again, and possibly cast him on her new show. So what happened? According to Rudofsky, he came in and "just fell flat."

Yes, according to this story, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominee Ryan Gosling fell flat.

Clearly, Gosling is an immensely talented actor and has found great success, but for whatever reason, he just didn't make the cut for this small Gilmore Girls role. Maybe he couldn't connect with the character, whoever it was, or was having an off day.

It should be a relief that the part was so small, because it means that we didn't miss out seasons of Gosling in Stars Hollow. Then again, if Gosling had been cast in the role, I have a feeling Rory might've fallen for this mysterious football player...

Image: Warner Bros. Television