Doctor Alchemy Isn't The Only Villain In 'The Flash' Season 3

Barry's time-traveling antics might be the biggest problem facing Team Flash so far on The Flash Season 3, but it's closely matched by the emergence of DC Comics villain Doctor Alchemy. And since he's such a major part of the character's comic book mythos, will Doctor Alchemy be the only Flash villain this season? With 18 or so episodes to go before the finale, the answer seems to be no. Already, a few other minor villains have popped up in the series, though I guess you could say that Alchemy is responsible for them, since he gave them their powers. Thanks to his influence, Season 3 is expertly weaving together episodic villains and an overarching story about the team's search and discovery for Doctor Alchemy.

But according to hints from the producers, cast, and trailers, The Flash will work in plenty of other villains besides Alchemy this season. Even though Doctor Alchemy is the "Big Bad" of the season so far, with the rest of the villains in his orbit, that still means plenty of weird, sometimes sympathetic, enemies. And, of course, there will be at least a few returning characters too, making Season 3 populated with plenty of bad guys for the speedster (and now, with Jesse, speedsters) to fight.

1. Magenta

Here's an easy example: Magenta's simple arc made for a great episode and introduction to Jesse as a speedster. I suppose you could consider this moot because Magenta got her powers from Alchemy, but that proves that even with one big villain, there will be smaller ones along the way.

2. Julian Albert

Right now, he's just an antagonist that's making the already time-conscious Barry feel even more impatient about his job working at the police department. Is he Doctor Alchemy? If that turns out to be his secret identity, then he'll no longer belong on this list. However, it could be possible that Julian will either remain a simple workplace baddie or a different meta.

3. Captain Cold

Confirmed by official stills from The CW, this villain is returning for the fourth episode of the season, which means the return of Wentworth Miller's offbeat performance and confirmation that there will indeed be at least one familiar villain this season.

4. Mirror Master

This is a new villain that might not be familiar to the TV audience, but is a legend in the comics. With the ability to use mirrors for inter-dimensional travel and hypnotism, the Mirror Master, aka Sam Scudder, actually has a chance against the Flash.

5. Whoever Crosses Over

The Flash loves its crossovers, and that means at least one villain from Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and/or Supergirl will be crossing over into an episode. It's very possible that The Flash's contribution to these crossovers will be Doctor Alchemy, but the other series have their own big bad guys to deal with that will likely threaten Central City at some point.

6. Savitar

"Speed god" Savitar, another villain from the comics, will be appearing as a major villain along with Doctor Alchemy, the showrunners confirmed in an interview with TVLine back in August. So with the addition of Savitar and Jesse Quick, there's going to be even more super speed on The Flash Season 3 — and clearly, no shortage of villains.

Images: Katie Yu, Bettina Strauss, Dean Buscher/The CW (6)