"What Disney Princesses Would Wear Today" Gives Your '90s Heroines A Millennial Update — VIDEO

Disney Princess have been influencing the minds of women and young girls for generations. As young kids we watch them twirl while cleaning, break away from tradition, and search for their Prince Charming. As grown women we appreciate that they defeated the Huns and didn't let someone's outside appearance stop them from falling in love. Since the lessons they taught us are timeless, would what Disney Princesses would wear today, and how different would they look from their original animated selves?

BuzzFeed studios took the time to explore this concept. They took our favorite Disney Princess like Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Tiana, Mulan and Elsa, reimagining what their signature look would be now that they are in 2016. The results are truly stunning. If you thought that you needed a ballgown to be like your favorite Disney Princess, this video will be giving you a lot of hope.

The creators clearly took each character's personality into account when designing their look. Were they rebellious or shy? Commanding or imaginative? Then taking those bits and pieces of information they found items of clothing that would best mimic and mirror those same qualities. The result — a modern take on Disney Princesses that is highly wearable for any woman.

This way you can still be that same little girl that dressed up in costumes and acted out all her favorite scenes from memory, but you don't have to worry about weird looks as you carry a seven foot trail behind your expensive ballgown. Instead, you can covertly be who you always wanted to be like growing up.

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The first look featured Snow White who had gone blond. A look that both Madonna and Lady Gaga would be proud of. She still rocks her signature red and black colors but with a more Silver Lake kind of vibe.

1. Mulan

Arguably one of the most baller Disney characters to grace this earth, Mulan single handedly destroyed an entire army with a (wo)man-made avalanche. Her rebellious spirit translates to skate culture and the women who are pushing boundaries in that sport. A beanie and a skateboard finish this look off like whoa.

2. Belle

Arguably one of the best Disney Princesses, this bookworms modern day outfit is giving up all life. The blouse, the skirt, and the sensible shoes are all totally working for me. I know I can rock this to any library.

3. Sleeping Beauty

The winner of the video has to be Sleeping Beauty herself — Aurora. Her outfit is cozy enough to pass out by the television. Made better by the fact that Aurora was always dressed to the nines in her movies.

All in all, this is just further proof that we'll never truly age out of our Disney Princess phase — clearly, they all grew up with us!

Images: YouTube