These Rory & Jess Clues From The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Trailer Hint That Good News Is On The Way

It's been nine years since fans last saw Lorelai and Rory roaming the streets of Stars Hollow. Now, in the latest Gilmore Girls revival trailer, these two are at a crossroads. Quite literally, as they walk the streets of their familiar town, and metaphorically, with their relationships and career woes. Lorelai seems to be unsure about things with Luke, Rory's career has come to a halt in its nascent stages, and Emily's mourning the loss of her husband, Richard. But in-between all of that, the moment fans have been waiting for has arrived: a glimpse into the Jess and Rory revival rendezvous. Plus, there are plenty of other Jess and Rory clues in the Gilmore Girls trailer that point to these two ending up together. Kick rocks, Team Logan and/or Team Dean.

In the trailer Rory says, "This is my time to be rootless." Lorelai tries to explain the principle of Rory being a little lost in her career to Emily. "She's Jack Kerouac. She's on the road again," Lorelai tells her hesitant mother. At first glance, this seems like your quintessential Gilmore reference — specifically a literary one — but eh, not so fast. May I remind you of Season 2, Episode 16? Wherein, during an uninvited get-together, Paris gets into an argument with Jess about Beat writers. Paris says she hates Kerouac, where Jess confesses his love for the author. Is Rory Jack Kerouac or does she just understand what it's like to feel lost? You know, the same way her soulmate, Jess, does?

But wait, that's not the only clue that these two are meant to be. Consider the quick shot of Rory driving her car in the trailer. Her voiceover says, "I'm feeling lost these days," and though this might seem small to the casual fan, it's actually momentous and a call back to one particularly pivotal Jess and Rory scene: a scene from Season 2, Episode 19, where Rory and Jess drive around in Rory's car (built by her then-boyfriend Dean) to go get some ice cream and subsequently get in a crash. In the car, Rory's grilling Jess about his ambitions in life. She tells him, "You could do more" and divulges her own career aspirations. She wants to be a journalist. He tells her, "I'm sure you'll do it" and that he'll even help her practice. It was a sweet moment that, given the way things have turned out for Rory, has aged into something a little more bleak.

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It's a moment, however, that ties in perfectly with one specific scene in the newest trailer. Jess and Rory are sitting down in an office, drinking Whiskey, talking about where their lives have ended up. After her admission to having "no job, no credit, and no underwear," Rory pulls out an On the Waterfront reference, and looks at Jess saying, "I could have been a contender." He assures her, in support, "You're still a contender." Look at this guy. Still supporting Rory's dreams and aspirations. Some (good) things never change. Sigh.

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Consider any and all doubts that Rory and Jess aren't right for each other squashed — along with Dean and Logan's fragile hearts. (Like I said before: Kick rocks, Team Dean and/or Logan.)

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