The Dirty Joke In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Trailer Proves That Stars Hollow Has Officially Moved To Netflix — VIDEO

Goodbye, network television! With Netflix's four-part Gilmore Girls revival series, A Year in the Life, on its way, Lorelai and Rory are back with their quick tongues, witty pop culture references, and endless amounts of takeout. However, this time around, there's another Stars Hollow native delivering the jaw-dropping one-liners. In the latest trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival, Sookie St. James spouts the dirty joke you never saw coming. Stars Hollow fans, I think it's safe to say this isn't The WB anymore.

As with most television programming, limits are drawn on what the characters can and can't say depending on the ages of the show's designated audience. But with Rory — and most of the Gilmore Girls audience — all grown-up, the bans on what the Gilmores are allowed to say have certainly been lifted. For that reason, Melissa McCarthy's reappearance at the 1:55 mark is just as shocking as it is exciting. With special thanks to Netflix, it's finally time for the people of Stars Hollow to say all of the things they couldn't say before — ranging from dirty jokes to the shouting of curse words. With one dirty joke already out there, the doors now have been left wide open.

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After accidently squeezing icing all over the kitchen of the Dragonfly Inn, Sookie looks at the icing and simply states, "That was pornographic." But, before we start thinking of how Lorelai might respond, let's just revel in the moment of what just happened: Gilmore Girls made one of their dirtiest jokes yet. I mean, what a wonderful time to be alive, right? With two kids now approaching their teenage years, Sookie's blunt analyzation of the moment proves she's just as cool of a mom as Lorelai was. Although I'm not so sure Jackson would approve of that kind of talk in front of their kids.

Meanwhile, this probably isn't the only dirty joke that Sookie — or any of the Gilmores, for that matter — has cooking up in the kitchen. It's time to embrace the show's move to Netflix. Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premieres on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25.

Images: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube