Swatches Of ColourPop’s Peach Ultra Matte And Satin Lipsticks Will Have You Craving Pinky Nudes

ColourPop has proven itself to be the gift that keeps on giving, and they certainly mean it. This season, the Los Angeles-based beauty brand has been churning out releases one after the other including collarborations. But why stop there? ColourPop just announced new lip colors on their Snapchat today; the latest peachy, pinky nudes are everything.

These new shades are available in the brand's Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte lipsticks; perfect for anyone who is loving the matte trend these days or needs a little sheen to their lips. Based on the announcement, the swatches range from a petal pink to darker peach rose color, which makes them perfect for those fall flirty days we're starting to feel.

Of course, because we live in a digital age where social media reigns supreme, these shades are each named after smart phone actions or features, including "Double Tap," "Screen Shot," "Auto Correct," Airplane Mode," and "Speed Dial." Could this new set of peach lippies be any more relevant or cuter?

ColourPop seems to be on a roll with all of their new products, and there's no doubt that this new set of lip colors will be sure to please.

Looks like fans of the brand are already loving these new colors.

These shades are flirty and fun for any occasion.

Already have a favorite of these shades? It looks like they'll be available tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST!

Images: ColourPop