When Do ColourPop's New Peach Lipstick Come Out? It's Sooner Than You Think

ColourPop's fall debuts have made fans seriously happy, and it doesn't look like the brand is going to be stopping any time soon. On Tuesday, ColourPop's new peach lipsticks made their social media debut, and these beauties aren't waiting long to become fans' number one lip color. In fact, the new peach lipsticks from ColourPop are coming out sooner than fans who saw the original Snapchat story would have ever thought. Would anyone expect less from ColourPop, though? They know how to give fans what they want.

On Tuesday, when the brand debuted the five new lipstick colors, they also revealed when the lippies will come out. As it turns out, it's far sooner than anyone imagined. After showcasing swatches on social media, the brand announced plans to debut the peach lipsticks on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. PT. Basically, you can get these beauties almost as soon as they debut. Clearly, ColourPop doesn't want to keep their fans waiting.

The quick turnaround isn't exactly shocking for the brand, though. They've done similar launches with their Fall Edit and their Fall Edit kits. A hallmark of the brand is giving fans products ultra quick, and let's be honest, fans of basically any brand want products as soon as possible.

Based on the swatches, the peach lipsticks are going to tons of fans' new go to lipsticks which is saying something considering the breadth of ColourPop's collection of lippies.

Fans are already stoked about them, too.

It looks like the new ColourPop peach lipsticks are going to sell like crazy come Wednesday.

While the brand's Hello Kitty collection is easily one of the most exciting announcements of the year, ColourPop's peach collection is just as bomb. Plus, it's coming right around the corner and that makes it even better.

Images: ColourPop/Snapchat(2)