Last Minute 'Gilmore Girls' Halloween Costumes

OK, so time is furiously ticking down to Halloween, and you still haven't managed to sort out a costume for yourself yet. Nightmare, right? But it's cool, guys. We've all been there at some point, and the truth is that an easy last minute Halloween costume can still look amazing. If you and your friends are all currently counting down the days until A Year In The Life premieres of Netflix, then a last minute Gilmore Girls Halloween costume may be just what you need. Though you'll find oodles of ideas for Rory and Lorelai Halloween costumes across the internet, you'll also find that looking at other characters from around Stars Hollow will provide you with some of the easiest last minute costume ideas possible.

Most of these costumes can all be put together from items that you'll likely already have hanging in your closet or, failing that, are pretty simple (and usually affordable) to find in everyday stores in most local shopping areas. You might need some DIY skills, a little sass, pizzazz, or ability to perform an interpretive dance about the struggle of life here and there so you can truly breathe life into these costumes. But they should all definitely do the job, especially as a quick fix.

So, take a breath, shout boom copper into the night, and discover these super easy last minute Gilmore Girls costumes for Halloween:

1. Miss Patty

What You'll Need: An elaborate shawl, a candy cigarette of some description, and a basket of plums. Easiest For: Artsy types with a closet full of shawls at their disposal.

Bring some much needed sass to Halloween by dressing up as Stars Hollow's most sensual and boldest resident, Miss Patty. The first thing that you'll absolutely need for this look is a decadent looking shawl. This one from Falari (via Amazon Prime, $10.99) is Miss Patty all over and is also available in 20 different colors, so you can really set the mood for whatever version of Patty you want to bring to the party:

Should you not have Amazon Prime, however, and be a little scared of cutting it fine on the delivery side of things this close to Halloween, then just about any folded, fabulous looking scarf from home (or a local store) will do.

Miss Patty also (sadly) loved to teach those dance classes to children with a cigarette in her hand, and, as such, a costume of her just wouldn't look right without one. Of course, you don't need an actual cigarette to achieve this — plenty of candy stores still sell candy cigarettes that will look the part (and taste delicious) without all the gross side effects.

Complete the look by waltzing into the party holding a bag of fresh plums and declaring to guests, "Try a plum [insert name here], they're better than sex."

2. Kirk Performing "Journey Of Man"

What You'll Need: A stripey top, a red flower brooch, black pants, and some poorly applied "mime" make-up

Easiest for: Anyone who still has a closet full of monochrome outfits due to a previous obsession with beatnik culture.

Of course, Kirk has enjoyed many employment opportunities and some spectacular looks over the years, but his performance art-appropriate ensemble for his (truly horrifying) performance of "Journey Of Man" is the absolute best for Halloween. It also makes for the perfect last minute costume as the two main components of it — the black and white striped top and black pants — are everyday items that most of us already have in our wardrobes (or can be easily found in local stores and usually at an affordable price due to their ubiquity).

To really add the finishing touches to the look, though, you'll need to gel your hair back and apply some less than perfect black eyeliner. A touch of white face paint, should you happen to have any leftover from last year's Halloween or are able to buy some locally, would also perfect the look (but isn't essential). Should you be absolutely desperate for some, however, then Mehron's 2.25 ounce tub (via Amazon Prime, $13.99) should do the job fine.

And to finish, make yourself a simple red brooch. All you need is some red card paper or tissue paper, a safety pin, and another piece of card or paper with which to firmly affix the red ruffle to the pin (with some strong super glue). Voila — you're Kirk at his most terrifying, people.

3. Luke Danes

What You'll Need: A backwards cap, a plaid shirt, some comfy jeans, a coffee pot, and a handwritten "hororscope" from Lorelai.

Easiest For: Laid back people with a closet full of comfy casuals.

First thing you need to know about a last minute Luke costume is that you absolutely need to have access to a coffee pot that you can use for it. It not only adds context to your costume, but it also makes for a really fun drinking recepticle at whatever party you happen to be at.

The great thing about dressing as Luke is that it's so low key. You have blue jeans in your closet, right? Well, then, my friend, you're halfway there. Should you need the vital extras — a plaid shirt and and a backwards baseball cap — then this shirt from Match (via Amazon Prime, $9.99 in sizes S - XL) and this baseball cap from Falari (Via Amazon Prime, $8.99) will work perfectly:

Now, to make everyone swoon all over you, simply recreate that horoscope that Lorelai wrote for Luke the first time they met, keep it in your pocket, and give it to your favorite honey when the time is just right.

4. Paris Gellar (After Her Harvard Rejection)

What You'll Need: Some pajamas, back combed and messy hair, a rejection letter from Harvard.

Easiest For: Anyone who might be heading to a Halloween party straight from work

This recreation of poor Paris' epic public meltdown following her rejection from Harvard is possibly the easiest last minute Gilmore Girls costume of all. To recreate the look, you can either buy yourself a pink sweater like the one Paris wore in the show (such as this one by Hanes via Amazon Prime, prices from $7.99), or simply throw on an old pajama top:

Wear with your favorite pair of sweatpants, tie your hair back into a loose ponytail, and be sure to back comb the front and top of your hair into a truly frazzled shock. And then, simply keep tight hold of your (homemade) letter of rejection and ready yourself to deliver some Paris-style home truths to a crowd full of people at any given moment.

5. Jess Mariano

What You'll Need: A leather biker jacket or a blue denim jacket, a perma-scowl, and a copy of Howl.

Easiest For: Bikers, beatniks and bums... or anyone who just happens to own any or all of the above items.

Both a leather biker and a denim jacket are two everyday items that instantly become incredibly versatile once Halloween rolls around. And, when it comes to Gilmore Girls, Jess' look is thankfully tied to both of them. Hopefully, you happen to own either of these (because, let's face it, nobody wants to be shelling out big money on either items for a last minute look), which means that all you need to complete the look is a copy of Allen Ginsberg's Howl to hang out of one of the pockets.

You may already own a copy of this poetry masterpiece (and written in the margins of it), but is it pocket friendly? If not (or if you've simply never owned a copy), then pick up this pocket friendly paperback edition of Howl from Amazon Prime Student for $7.95.

Now, be sure to have some sharp witted quips at the ready, to scowl at people from out of half of your mouth, and to go and sit in a corner away from everyone so that you can pencil notes into all of the margins. It's the Jess way.

6. Sookie St James

What You'll Need: A chef top (or a long sleeved top with an apron), a headscarf, some multi-colored Band-Aids, and a pan on fire.

Easiest for: Chefs, naturally.

Stars Hollow's greatest (and clumsiest) chef, Sookie would make for a great last minute costume — especially if you happen to be a chef already (because you'll already have the work wear, required). Should you not have one (and not be willing to have to handover $20+ to procure one you may never wear again), then a simple t-shirt or long sleeve with an apron tied at the waist will be fine. Most home stores will sell basic aprons at affordable prices. Do, however, make sure that you finish the look with one of Sookie's beloved head scarfs.

You can usually find an abundance of suitable ones from local markets for fairly cheap, but, failing that, this simple pink bandana from H2W (via Amazon Prime, $3.78) should give off some ideal Sookie in the kitchen vibes.

To add the final finesse of details to the ensemble, be sure to tie your hair into bunches, cover your fingers in a bunch of multicolored Band-Aids (to hide those clumsy slicing mishaps), and carry a flaming pan with you. To make one yourself (without any actual flames, thank goodness), simply buy yourself a cheap frying pan (most dime or home stores sell value ranges that will do the job), and create some fake flames using red, orange and yellow pointed strips of cardboard glued across the base, up the sides, and raised up above it.

As well as being supremely easy and affordable to make (especially in a pre-Halloween panic), these costumes are also perfect for allowing you to give the ultimate Gilmore Girls fan nod to fellow fans across the room of whatever Halloween party you find yourself in. So, make like Paris back in her craft table at Yale days and start throwing your costume together. You've totally got this.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (4); Amazon.com/Falari (2); Amazon.com/Mehron; Amazon.com/Hanes; Amazon.com/H2W; Gilmoregags (2), Виктория Калмыкова/YouTube