Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson Secretly Got Married & Congratulations Are In Order

Surprise, swim fans. Michael Phelps and his supposed fiancé, Nicole Johnson are already married. Bustle has reached out to Phelps' agent for comment, but has yet to receive a response. E! confirmed that Phelps and Johnson have been married since June 13, so that means that, while all of those interviews during the summer Olympics about wedding planning and what to wear on their big day were taking place, this secretive couple had already tied the knot. That's awfully sneaky of them, but I can't say that I blame the two for making things official off the grid.

With the summer Olympics staring these two down, and the recent birth of their first child together, it makes sense to me that they would get married before the insanity of the summer games even started. Just one month after this couple became parents to the biggest Michael Phelps fan on earth, they exchanged vows. According to TMZ, the ceremony was reportedly officiated by Phelps' agent and friend, Peter Carlisle.

But that small ceremony might not be the only way that the couple celebrates. In an Access Hollywood interview in August, Johnson opened up about her plans for their big day. "It'll be small and intimate for the wedding," Johnson admitted, "and then we're throwing a massive bash for everyone in the states." So it sounds like some celebrating is definitely still in order.


There's no word yet from the happy couple on why they decided to get married in secret, but we should definitely be congratulating them. I commend them both for making such an intimate moment — the joining together of two families — just that: intimate. For a celebrity couple that was drenched in the spotlight this summer, the fact that they were able to keep their nuptials private and to themselves must make them feel all the more sweet.