15 Vegan Chocolate Recipes For National Chocolate Day

Friday, Oct. 28, is National Chocolate Day, an annual celebration of the greatest food known to humankind and an entire 24 hours dedicated to eating the world's best treat. However, if you're vegan, eating chocolate might not always be so easy — so, to properly celebrate the holiday while staying within your dietary restrictions, you're going to need these 15 vegan chocolate recipes.

From National Talk Like a Pirate Day to National Fortune Cookie Day, there are some pretty random "holidays" out there, but to serious chocolate lovers (and who doesn't seriously love chocolate?), National Chocolate Day isn't just another made up entry on the calendar, but rather a much-deserved chance to honor the beloved food. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or special occasion, cheering yourself up with comfort food, or sending your love to someone else, chocolate is always there for you when you need it. It's the food you crave when you're feeling happy, the sweet treat you need when you're feeling down, and the one flavor that can bring you joy, no matter the circumstances. Universally loved and admired, it's no wonder there's an entire holiday dedicate to this delicious food. The question is, in what form will you be enjoying it in this year?

From brownies to cupcakes, cookies to pies, candy to truffles, chocolate comes in so many mouth-watering forms, including these 15 vegan chocolate recipes. Get ready to celebrate National Chocolate Day the right way.

1. Easy Vegan Chocolate

To satisfy the most basic of cravings, Minimalist Baker has the perfect fix: easy vegan chocolate cups. Simple to make, these bite-sized treats were made for snacking all holiday long.

2. Fail-Proof Chocolate Cupcakes

Whenever anything has the words "fail-proof" in the title, you know they're worth trying. These deliciously rich cupcakes from Oh She Glows, complete with rich frosting, are a dessert anyone can whip up. (Yes, even you.)

3. Chocolate-Almond Chia Pudding

Thick and delicious, the chia seeds are key in this chocolate-almond pudding from The Kitchn. You'll probably want to lick the bowl after eating this.

4. Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Bean Macaroons

A rich and flavorful dessert with just the right amount of chocolate, Love and Lemons' vanilla bean macaroons have so much more in them than the name lets on. Complete with maple syrup, cinnamon, nuts, and, of course, coconuts, these crunchy cookies are a party in your mouth.

5. Vegan Cherry Chocolate Cake

The words "healthy" and "cake" don't usually go together, but Cookie and Kate found a way with this mouthwatering recipe. Made with raw sugar, fresh cherries, and even a touch of coffee, this cherry chocolate cake will have you going back for a second piece.

6. Vegan Chocolate Malt

If you still crave the occasional Frosty, you will love Fo Reals Life's vegan chocolate malt, which tastes just like the famous fast food drink.

7. Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since National Chocolate Day falls in October, it's only right you honor the time of year by combining the season's other favorite ingredient: pumpkin. These oatmeal cookies from Love and Lemons are soft, cakey, and the perfect fall treat.

8. One Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

For the bakers of the world who hate washing dishes — so, basically everyone — this one bowl recipe from Minimalist Baker is the one for you. Like eating Nutella straight from the jar, this gluten free cake is creamy, chocolatey, and made even more perfect with bursts of hazelnut flavor.

9. Gluten-Free Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes

Is finding vegan food not your only requirement? For those who are also gluten free but want to celebrate this glorious holiday, The Kitchn's gluten free and vegan chocolate coconut cupcakes are a decadent solution.

10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

A staple food item in any chocolate-lover's diet, these chocolate chip cookies from Oh She Glows are as addicting as they are easy to make. Enjoy them with a cup of chocolate almond milk, and you can honestly say you successfully celebrated National Chocolate Day.

11. No-Bake Espresso Cookies

There are two things worth loving in this world: chocolate and coffee. With Naturally Ella's no-bake espresso cookies, the two combine to make a perfect, not to mention addicting, treat that is as easy to make as it is to eat.

12. Oaxaca Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Prefer your chocolate in liquid form? That's no problem, because Cookie and Kate has created a deliciously creamy smoothie made from bananas, vegan chocolate chips, and a touch of cayenne pepper for that extra kick.

13. Easy Fudge Brownies

Gooey chocolate brownies that are easy to make and plant based? You'll think you've died and gone to heaven with Fo Reals Life's easy fudge brownies.

14. No-Bake Vegan Brownies

Want fresh brownies without the whole, y'know, baking part? Minimalist Baker has the perfect recipe, complete with chocolate ganache and nuts. These easy to make treats are a delicious way to celebrate National Chocolate Day.

15. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but so is Cookie and Kate's chocolate peanut butter fudge. Made with coconut oil, maple syrup, and plenty of peanut butter, this chocolaty dessert isn't the kind you can only have one of.

Images: Cookie and Kate (3); Minimalist Baker (3); The Kitchn (3); Oh She Glows (2) Love and Lemons (2); Fo Reals Life (2); Naturally Ella