7 Last Minute Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

by Madison Alcedo

Thanks to one of Snapchat's most-loved features, the filters that mold to your face, there have been many Halloween costumes inspired by the Snapchat app. One of the easiest ways to have a great-looking costume is to focus on your makeup and then add a simple outfit, and that's exactly what you can do with a Snapchat filter-inspired costume.

Of course one of the first costumes that came to mind when my friends and I were brainstorming this year was a Snapchat filter of because everyone knows and loves them. The filter costumes are not only easy to recreate thanks to quick YouTube videos, but they are culturally relevant for 2016 so that you can always look back and remember what you were this year.

One of the most popular filters is the dog filter (don't worry, because there's definitely a tutorial to help you be the cute Snapchat dog), but there are tons more, too. So if you're in need of a last-minute costume, you can rock a Snapchat filter solo or grab a group of friends to be filters with you. And for a spookier touch, you can always be a haunted version of the filter so that it goes with the theme of Halloween.

Here are some of the best, quick and easy tutorials to get you started:

1. Butterfly Filter

Pair this golden butterfly look with a white outfit to complete your look.

2. Dog Filter

Show off the infamous dog tongue from Snapchat with this tutorial that uses cut-outs.

3. Unicorn Rainbow Filter

This was one of the first filters to debut on Snapchat so everyone would definitely know your costume!

4. Galaxy Filter

This might look difficult to achieve, but this tutorial shows you step by step how to get this out-of-this-world look.

5. Flower Crown Filter

You'll never guess what this flower crown is made out of.

6. Deer Filter

One of the newest Snapchat filters to make you look like an animal is the deer, and you can easily pull off this look for Halloween with just some foundation and contouring.

7. Panda Filter

Thanks to YouTube star, Nikkie Tutorials, you can pull off a fierce Snapchat panda with nothing more than an eyeliner pencil and some glitter eye shadow!

Images: Angela Lanter/YouTube