8 Tiny Clues About Jess From The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Trailer You Totally Missed

By now, you've probably watched the latest Gilmore Girls revival trailer more times than you can count, but that doesn't mean you've seen everything. The A Year In The Life trailer may not spend a lot of time with Jess Mariano (fast-forward to the 1:32 mark), yet there's still plenty to learn from the short time he does appear onscreen. For those who are too busy to play detective, don't worry, I've got you covered. I've spent some time watching, re-watching, and then watching the trailer again. Why? Because there are tiny clues about what Jess is up to in the revival based on his mere seconds on camera.

Crazy? A tad obsessive? Perhaps, but what I've found is that there are a few minuscule hints that may tell fans more about his role in the revival than expected. Or at least these clues can lead to theories on why he actually gets his own individual scene of dialogue with Rory, unlike her other ex-boyfriends Dean and Logan. Does this mean Jess and Rory are endgame? Well, it may be too early to tell just yet, but here is what I could decipher from the new trailer that you may have missed.

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1. Rory's Underwear Comment

Rory is living a vagabond existence that's made it hard for her to find her bearings. She has no job, no credit and no underwear. It's something she's telling Jess, who looks confused at her admission, which means the two may not have seen each other in a while, since she's catching him up on her current life status.

Then again, she does feel comfortable talking about her lack of underwear with him, which could mean have talked since the last time fans saw Jess back in Season 6. They may not be rekindling a romance, but they are old friends in the very least.

2. They're Sitting in An Old Looking Office


Rory says she has no job, but she's clearly sitting behind a desk. The office looks kind of old, thanks to that ancient desktop PC on the desk behind Jess. My guess is she's working at the Stars Hollow Gazette and Jess is in town visiting. Once again, this points to the fact that these two stayed friendly after she visited him in Philadelphia. Visiting someone at work is certainly a sign of friendship.

Or maybe the opposite is true — Rory could be the one visiting Jess at work. After all, he was a writer too.

3. Jess Speaks


While there are tons of cameos in the trailer from characters that don't have the last name Gilmore, not many of them actually get much in terms of lines. The fact that he's having a conversation with Rory gives clues to the fact that he's an important part of the new season.

But before Jess and Rory shippers get too excited, this doesn't necessarily mean that's for romantic reasons. He could just get his own story, since throughout the series Amy Sherman-Palladino seemed more interested in giving him a complete arc, unlike Rory's other boyfriends on the show.

4. That Short-Sleeve Shirt


It's hard to miss Jess' muscles in this trailer, but you probably didn't think much of the fact that he's wearing a short-sleeve shirt. Now, being that they're likely in Stars Hollow, which is located in Connecticut, the fact that he's wearing short sleeves likely means this is a scene from either the spring or summer episode. It's been reported that the show's first episode will be winter, which means it may be two or three episodes in when Jess stops by to visit Rory.

5. "You're Still A Contender"

It's clear what Jess is trying to tell Rory after she reveals she's feeling a bit directionless lately. No matter what their relationship status is, he's still someone who she trusts and pushes her to her full potential. No surprise there, since hello, he did get her to go back to Yale.

6. Quoting Brando

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In case you missed it, Rory is quoting Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront , but in the movie, the line following the contender comment is: "Instead of a bum, which is what I am." Jess is there to reassure Rory that she's not a bum, which likely means, he's not one either, since she's looking for him to listen to her as a confidant or someone who has it together. Someone who's going to tell her it's going to be OK. Fitting, since he did his fair share of On The Road-ing it, as Lorelai might say.

But, what is Jess up to now that makes him someone Rory is looking to for advice? Is he still in publishing? Has he written an follow-up novel to The Subsect? So. Many. Questions.

7. Yes, He Probably Wrote Another Book


According to Bustle, the reason Jess is sitting at Rory's desk is because she's interviewing him. Stars Hollow boy does good, perhaps? And based on the fact that he thanked Rory for helping him write his other book, it wouldn't be so farfetched that he would want to sit down with his old friend to talk about the new one.

7. Sharing A Drink


There are a few reasons why two people would be drinking tumblers of whiskey at work like Jess and Rory are. Now, it could be in celebration. Perhaps Jess has some good news to share with his old friend? Or it could be commiseration. As Rory points out, she doesn't have any underwear, but maybe Jess is also going through a tough time and it's a case of misery loves company. Either way, the reason these two are sharing a drink in the daylight is clearly something worth pondering.

8. His Presence Is Felt Throughout The Trailer


Yes, Jess shows up for a few seconds, but his presence is felt throughout the entire trailer. Lorelai compares Rory to Jack Keroauc, who Jess goes to the mat for in Season 2, in an episode where Paris says she's not into the Beat writers. Rory is seen driving in a car as she talks about trying to find her direction, which is reminiscent of a scene from Season 2's "Teach Me Tonight," where she and Jess discuss their futures. She lays out her plan to be a foreign correspondent while pushing him to do more with his life. It's hard not to feel as if these Rory and Jess connections in the trailer hint at good news.

These clues may seem small, but every little detail counts when it comes to cracking the code of what role Jess will play in the upcoming revival. Now excuse me while I go watch the trailer — again.

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