Who Will Get Fired On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Everyone's Job Could Be In Jeopardy

Just when things were settling down at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, they’re about to get flip-turned upside-down once again. Catherine Avery, in her almighty glory, is on the warpath, and she’s convinced that the whole way the hospital teaches is a mess. The only problem? Her husband, Dr. Weber, is the one that handles residency and teaching. It seems like Catherine wants to clean house, but how much will she change the staff? Who will get fired on Grey’s Anatomy ?

This all started because Catherine was upset that Karev, who is now a felon for beating up Deluca, was still working at the hospital. She basically called Bailey soft for keeping him on staff, but Bailey was adamant that he was a good surgeon who made a mistake and everyone deserves another chance. Speaking of chances, Catherine looked through everyone’s files and saw that many of the people working at Grey Sloan got second or third chances from then-Chief Weber — for instance, Ben, Meredith, Karev, and Leah (she was the intern that slept with Karev and Robbins and waged a lawsuit for it) did something wrong and were kept (in Leah’s case, brought back) at the hospital. Catherine told Bailey she thinks that this whole system has to be revamped, because the common denominator is Weber. I think things are about to get chilly at home with them, huh?


Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Catherine will fire everyone and start over, but it does make for some awkward decisions. Bailey is also put in a tough spot, because Catherine wants Bailey to help her revamp the teaching program, and Weber was Bailey’s mentor. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Bailey has such close personal relationships with everyone on staff that I honestly don’t think that she could get rid of anyone. Would she fire herself in lieu of dealing with cutting her staff? Is this a giant King Solomon allegory? I hope that the staff at Grey Sloan stays put.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC; Giphy