Lena Dunham Has A Message For Undecided Voters

With the election just over a week away, the stakes continue to rise. While some celebrities shy away from discussing politics, others are already sharing selfies of themselves voting early. (Ahem, Justin Timberlake.) Another strong voice this election season? Lena Dunham, who's adamantly supported Hillary Clinton and repeatedly condemned Donald Trump's offensive remarks. Since the HBO star is so passionate about politics, I wanted to know what she'd say to an undecided voter. "Well, I don't think I probably have the skills to sway a Trump voter," she tells Bustle before the "Creative Keynote: A Conversation With Girls" at the New York Television Festival last Thursday. So instead, Dunham shares a timely message about the importance of voting in general.

"I will say to someone who's considering not voting that this is a really essential time," she says. "And it can feel as though your vote doesn't matter, or it's just sort of like one drop in the ocean. But the fact is it's one of the most important ways that we exercise our voice as citizens."

Speaking her mind is something Dunham is known for — for better or worse. While her candor sometimes attracts criticism, this is one issue that's too vital to stay silent about. Like she says herself, voting an opportunity to make your voice heard. And you know, help determine the fate of our country.

The Girls creator certainly hasn't held back from exercising that right. Back in April, Dunham penned an essay about why she's voting for Clinton for Time. She listed several reasons — ranging from the democratic candidate's "commitment to women’s reproductive health and rights" to her "decades of working for social justice" to her "plan to quell the gun violence that regularly sends our nation into mass grief." However, Dunham made sure to remind readers right off the bat that her support of HRC "has nothing to do with her anatomy or 'girl power.'"

Whether you agree with her candidate of choice or not, Dunham's words about voting are worth repeating. As she points out, it's an issue much bigger than yourself that will impact the U.S. for years to come. As she tells Bustle, "You're not just voting for you, you're voting for those who came before you and gave you the right to vote, and you're voting for the people that you're going to leave behind. So you've got to think about them."