Nicole Johnson & Michael Phelps' Second Baby Is Either Coming Soon Or The Swimmer Just Loves Teasing Us

Clearly, Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson are one couple who like to keep secrets, and they're also really good at it. On Wednesday, it was announced they secretly got married months ago, but it seems like Phelps and Johnson might decide to keep another big aspect of their life as secret. Based on a Facebook Live video shared by the Olympic swimmer Thursday, Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson may have another baby soon. In the video (around the 7-minute mark), he dropped a huge tease, and said, "Thank you for the beautiful comment. Baby number two may be coming soon. Who knows, though?"

That sure sounds like their first child, Boomer, will become a big brother sometime soon, doesn't it? The gold medal-winning Olympian has made it very clear that he and Johnson both want more kids. During a May 2016 live Facebook chat, he said, "Do we want other kids? We do. We’re excited that we got a boy first, and he can kind of keep an eye on the other kids once we have them growing up."

Who knows what Phelps means by his comment — it kind of seems like when they are expecting, they might keep it a secret for a bit — but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news from these two in the near future.

Phelps also commented on their secret wedding during his live chat (around the 6-minute mark) and said, "I’ve been married for a while. A couple months. I had to keep it secret from y'all. I had to keep it hush-hush from you guys." He added, "But Nicole and I are married, we are officially married and now we are getting the chance to just kind of kick it and hang out now." After someone asked why they kept it on the down low, he replied, "Just because. You gotta always have something, guys."

They clearly like keeping things to themselves, which is understandable, but Phelps' tease definitely raises suspicions about just when Boomer's little sibling will arrive.