Last-Minute 'Game Of Thrones' Costumes You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

I love Halloween. Hands down, it's my favorite holiday, even over Christmas when I am showered with gifts. There's just something about the thrill and the weather and the togetherness of all of us dressing up like weirdos together that really makes my heart sing. But just because I love Halloween does not mean I ever prepare a costume ahead of time. Because, uh, I kind of never do. So, if you're freaking out because you need a costume, take a deep breath. I have the perfect, painless options for you because thankfully, Game of Thrones has provided us with the perfect late minute Halloween costume material.

Now, I am not going to lie to you. Are these costumes the most elaborate and detailed GoT getups in existence? No, of course not. But what do you expect to pull from your modern wardrobe? Game of Thrones is set in a medieval alternate reality, you're hardly going to have the materials for your outfit to be "historically" accurate. Just let it go. But that doesn't mean your costume still can't be great and a total attention-getter. In fact, because these costume ideas are so simple and literal, it'll be fun watching the realization dawn over the faces of the people you see who bought way-too-expensive costumes. It's a win-win really.

Here are three Game of Thrones inspired last minute costumes you can make. Because even though you like quality television, doesn't mean you're a quality adult when it comes to preparation.

Arya During Her House Of Black And White Phase


Get thee to a piece of paper. Cut a rectangle big enough to write on but small enough to clip to your shirt. Write out the tried and true name tag greeting, "Hello, my name is: A girl has no name." You could also run out and grab name tags from Office Depot:

Voila! You're done. Take some red lipstick if you have it and bloody your face up a bit if you want to be slightly more festive.

Or, you know, since Halloween falls on a Monday you can simply do this:

*100 emoji*

A White Walker


It's time to break out any ol' white shirt without stains on it and those white pants you swore you'd never wear again, but keep in your drawer because you have odd attachment issues.

Print out a "Pedestrian Crossing" sign and tack it to your shirt with whatever adhesive you've got handy.



Do not tell me you don't have a tiara laying around your house. I have two alone on display in my bedroom. Put the tiara atop your head. If you actually aren't in possession of one, we've all been to elementary school. Use those paper crown making skills you've acquired. Or, get to the dollar store, stat! Once that's done, take your eye shadow or eye liner and apply it to your face to make it look like soot. Then, print out a few flame emojis and attach them to your shirt.

Once your done with that, flex your Microsoft Paint skills if you aren't Photoshop savvy. Write "Dragons on Board" in the style of the controversial "Baby on Board" sign you see plastered to car windows.

Cut it out in a diamond shape to really get the correct effect. Paste it to the back of your shirt.

Easy enough you procrastinating Game of Thrones fans, you? Well, you're welcome.

Images: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO; Office Depot; Emoji App