Will Maggie Kill Negan On ‘The Walking Dead’? They Could Have A Major Showdown

If you're feeling anything after The Walking Dead premiere, you might be focusing on how Rick's group is going to re-group and kill Negan. Like, let's throw him a Red Wedding, or a Purple Wedding... or see if any of Ramsay Bolton's dogs are still hungry. Personally, I think the person to do it should be the one who lost the most. Will Maggie kill Negan on The Walking Dead ? She's already ready to start planning, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Is it what Glenn would have wanted? Glenn was one of the only characters left who didn't kill other humans if he could avoid it. She's not a huge murderer but Maggie didn't exactly live by that philosophy, and it's not like Glenn ever faulted her for that, but I don't think he would be thrilled about her taking such extreme measures on his behalf. Glenn's last words to Maggie were "I'll find you," a reminder that they could meet again in death. So that's something to think about.

However, all considerations aside, it would be perfect for Maggie to be the one to kill him. She deserves it. Rosita and Sasha also lost a loved one that night, but the three of them teaming up might be a little too Charlie's Angels. If it's anyone, my vote is Maggie. Rick has had his moment. This isn't necessarily his fight. Plus, Maggie finds herself in a leadership roll at Hilltop in the comics. This could all be leading to a showdown with Negan and the former farmer's daughter.


Let's be real for a second. Negan's not gonna die this season on The Walking Dead. He's not gonna die for another two seasons, at least. I'm not falling for this show's tricks any more. Even in the comics, Negan is still alive. Lucille recently died in the comics, but that's it. Unfortunately, there's a lot of story to tell with this character and his followers. Negan and Rick are even working together in the comics, which sounds insane at this point in the AMC series. While villains on The Walking Dead do have shorter lives than, say, Game of Thrones villains, unfortunately I can't see Negan dying any time soon. Even if Maggie is the one to do it, we're in for a long wait.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy