How To Get A Free Smashbox Makeup Bag For National Cat Day — PHOTOS

There's a national holiday upon us, and I'm not talking about Halloween. According to Smashbox Cosmetics, Oct. 29 is National Cat Day. They're not celebrating with the typical liner look though. Instead of using makeup to celebrate the day, Smashbox is giving away cat beauty bags that are absolutely adorable. How can you get in on the gift? You won't believe how easy it is.

Makeup brands are all about the national holidays. Wet N Wild recently created a bundle for National Dark Lipstick Day and now Smashbox is joining in on the fun too. To celebrate National Cat Day, the company is giving away free feline makeup bags with every single purchase. That's right! There's no minimum needed to get in on the holiday fun.

The only catch is that you need the code. According to an email, you'll need to put the code MEOW in at checkout to make sure one of these adorable makeup accessories is yours. This code will only be available on Oct. 29 though. So if you've been eyeing up your favorites from the company, now is the time to stock up. There's no makeup products off limits for this awesome deal either. Whether you're buying one lipstick or eyeing up a bunch of different shades, the bag is yours.

How stinking cute is that! The ears and the adorable tail-like zipper makes this the perfect way for a makeup love to celebrate the holiday. Smashbox don't sell the cat bag anywhere else on the site, so this is your only opportunity to add it to your beauty collection.

This isn't the only deal that Smashbox has going on either. According to their site, you can also get a free Be Legendary Lip Gloss as well. All you have to do is spend $25 and use the code SBXTREAT. Unfortunately you can't get both promo items at the same time though, so you'll have to pick one.

If you're not sure what to buy, there are tons of great options. A few of their products just won the 2016 Allure Beauty Awards too. I see no better time to try out some products than right now. Like I said, you'll only get the cute little bag on Oct. 29 though. So what are you waiting for? Go get to shopping!

Images: smashboxcosmetics/Instagram (1)