Jacob Tremblay’s Adorable Marty McFly Costume Proves He's A Pop Culture Pro — VIDEO

If you did not already think Jacob Tremblay was one of the coolest actors on the planet, then his Halloween costume is about to make you a believer. For Halloween, Tremblay rocked a Marty McFly costume so detailed that even Marty himself would have to give the kid props. At just 10 years old, the Back to the Future franchise precedes Tremblay by a couple of decades, but the Room actor has always embraced retro pop culture. (See also his undying love for all things Star Wars .)

In his Instagram post, Tremblay noted that only the adults knew who he was, but he didn't seem to mind. While his peers may not have discovered Marty and his adventures traveling through time with Doc Brown just yet, Tremblay has embraced the '80s goodness of the iconic films. This is just one more example of how he's wise beyond his years. First, he completely wowed audiences with his nuanced portrayal of a little boy who was born and raised in a windowless room in the 2015 drama Room, and he has not stopped working since.

Still, Tremblay makes time to delve into the great movies of the past and take inspiration from them for his Halloween costume, while most people are still debating whether they should buy cat ears or a witch hat at their local costume store.

There's just no way this kid is not one of the most grounded and bright actors working in Hollywood today. He's 10 and already at the top of his Halloween game. You have to give Tremblay major props for not only knowing who Marty McFly is, but bringing the character to life with such commitment to detail.

Seriously, from the red jacket to the lollipop and sunglasses, Tremblay's McFly costume is on point. While his classmates may not agree, it's also perfect for 2016 given how the '80s have taken over pop culture (thanks, Stranger Things). With any luck, Tremblay will be a trendsetter who helps introduce his generation to the wealth of pop culture goodness from the '80s. Even better, can Hollywood go ahead and line him up for the inevitable Back to the Future reboot? Give the kid six years and he will be ready to fill Michael J. Fox's shoes.

Tremblay has already proven himself to be a versatile actor. He went from Room to two creepy psychological dramas, Shut In and Before I Wake. But he is equally as adept at comedy, as his turns in The Last Man on Earth and the satirical Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie illustrated. I have no doubt he could bring Marty McFly back to life on the big screen too — just consider his Halloween 2016 costume his audition tape.