'How I Met Your Dad' Casts Replacement for "Best Friend" Krysta Rodriguez

The best friend to Greta Gerwig's lead character in How I Met Your Dad has been replaced. One day after the announcement that Smash 's Krysta Rodriguez was leaving the role of Juliet — a frenetic fashion blogger BFF to Gerwig's Sally — another actress has already scooped up the part. Tiya Sircar will take over Krysta Rodriquez's role. The actress is most notably known for smaller roles in films like 2013's The Internship, as well as television roles on The Crazy Ones and Witches of East End, and will fill the empty spot on the How I Met Your Mother kindred series.

Sircar joins an already exciting cast that includes Anders Holm (The Mindy Project, Workaholics), Nick D’Agosto (Masters of Sex), Andrew Santino (Mixology) and Drew Tarver in addition to the headlining Gerwig. The series tells the story of Sally, a "female Peter Pan" type — whatever that means. Is that just what they're calling manic pixie dream girls now? — who is considering calling it quits with her husband of only a year, Gavin (Holm). Rodriguez was let go from the pilot after the table read went, when the powers-that-be decided that the previously conceived character — all flamboyance and overtly sexual — should be reengineered. Though there's no word on what Juliet will end up being, we're hopeful that with Gerwig at the helm the right decisions will be made.