9 Theories About Gia's 'Fuller House' Season 2 Storyline That Might Tell Fans What To Expect

If there's one Full House character that's hard to forget it has to be Stephanie's friend, Gia. Before the reigns of Regina George and Chanel Oberlin, Gia (played by actress Marla Sokoloff) was Stephanie's very own worst frenemy. Whether she was trying to use Stephanie to her own advantage or getting her into trouble, Gia was a disruptive force whenever she was around. In fact, in the world of Gia, the phrase "bad influence" is an understatement. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, it seems as if we haven't seen the last of her yet. According to actress Jodie Sweetin, Gia will return for Season 2 of Fuller House .

There are specific details about her return, and thus there's no way to know what kind of trouble Gia could be stirring up now. "Yeah, Gia comes back. You'll have to watch though to see if she brings her cigarettes back or not," jokes actress Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler). "Everyone's wondering, ‘Is she gonna smoke?' 'Is she still rebellious?' I don’t know."

By the December 9 premiere of Fuller House Season 2, we'll finally know have our answers. In the meantime, here are just some of the many possibilities.

1. She's Hopping On Stephanie's Success

In Season 1 of Fuller House, we learned that a present-day Stephanie Tanner has a pretty lush DJ-ing career. Thus, Stephanie could be more popular than Gia, and there's no way this classic mean girl would ever let such a thing happen. Since she was in Stephanie's band as a teenager, Gia could be back for more music — and popularity.

2. She's A Catty Mom On The Playground

Gia had quite the clique in high school, so who's to say she doesn't still have one? Gia could easily transform into the stereotypical mean mom after her bad girl past.

3. She's Raising The Next Generation Of Gias

Stephanie may not have any kids of her own, but, as a second mom to Kimmy's daughter and D.J.'s boys, she may need to step in when they're faced with bullies. What if those bullies were Gia's kids? If Gia grew up and had some kids of her own, odds are that the apples didn't fall far from the tree.

4. She's Bitterly Divorced

Gia's lack of a filter may have backfired in her love life. After the way she treated Stephanie, I'm finding it personally hard to picture Gia in any kind of a successful marriage.

5. She's Incredibly Successful

Then again, being bad may have actually worked out for Gia. She could be one of those people who always gets what she wants — no matter how many people she steps on to get there. Let's face it, we all know a real-life Gia.

6. She Sells Cigarettes (Or Other Drugs) For A Living

Gia handing out cigarettes in the girl's bathroom could have been the beginning of a life-long career. I'm picturing her selling cigarettes at the local convenience store — or worse. Considering Fuller House is streaming on Netflix, there's not much content that would be considered off-limits.

7. She's Still A Hardcore Partier

Drugs or not, Gia could just be your average party girl that never grew up. I would love to see Gia run into the band at their local club.

8. She's Stealing Stephanie's Boyfriend

If Gia is back to torture Stephanie some more, causing some relationship drama could be the key. With Stephanie hitting up the dating scene, there's a chance those two could be fighting over the same guy. In fact, Gia could be back to steal the guy Stephanie has her eyes on.

9. She's A Changed Person

But we could give Gia the benefit of the doubt. After all, a lot of time have past since her days in school with Stephanie. Maybe she let out the rest of her rebellious streak in college, and is finally ready to be the best friend that Stephanie always wanted her to be. If Full House has taught us anything, it's that people can learn from their mistakes.

With Gia on her way, I'm not quite ready to let my guard down. If she's still anything like her teenage-self, then we're in for some serious drama.

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