How To Celebrate National Doughnut Day, Because It's One Of The Best Holidays Of The Year

If there is anything we humans can collectively agree are amazing, it's doughnuts. Thankfully, we have ways to celebrate National Doughnut Day (which should probably be added to the official holiday calendar, so we can all get at least the morning off) that support Americans coming together and gushing over one part of life that never hurts us: warm, sugary breakfast. Or even warm and savory doughnuts! Or doughnuts that are both sweet and savory (maple bacon, anyone)? The fact that doughnuts are generally pretty affordable and easily portable makes them the ideal start to your morning, because, let's be real, we often don't have time for a nicely plated breakfast while rushing off to work or school.

When getting down to it, there are about a million varieties of doughnuts which makes your local doughnut shop a saving grace when you have a group of hungry people with different tastes. Cake doughnuts, mini doughnuts, glazed doughnuts, doughnut ice-cream sandwiches... and of course, if you want to keep it classic, you know you can always dunk a doughnut into your coffee in the morning and start your day the very best way.

Regardless of your personal preferences for doughnuts, know you have plenty of delicious options for celebrating National Doughnut Day. So pour yourself some coffee and get hungry, y'all.

1. Support Your Local Businesses


Sure, plenty of chain restaurants have great doughnuts, but on National Doughnut Day, make sure to give your local or new businesses a try. Remember, shopping small and supporting local vendors literally helps your community, and often promotes more new businesses to crop up in your neighborhood, too.

2. Make Baked Doughnuts At Home


Don't feel like leaving the house but desperately want a doughnut? Luckily, doughnuts are super easy to make at home, especially if you enjoy them baked.

3. Fry Your Own Doughnuts At Home


If you're comfortable with the good old fashioned fryer, you have a world of doughnut making options at home. Recipes are pretty easy, but always use caution, because frying can get scary, fast!

4. Make Mini Doughnuts


No energy to even turn on the oven? No worries: You can easily make mini doughnuts in (wait for it) mini doughnut makers. This is great if you have limited kitchen space, or are just, you know, craving the smallest of doughnut bites.

5. Make Doughnut-Inspired Dessert


I'm of the belief that 8 p.m. is just as good a time to eat a doughnut as 8 a.m., however, some people enjoy making desserts inspired by our favorite breakfast food. You know, a good ol' doughnut cake. Or a doughnut ice cream sundae. Or a doughnut on top of a milkshake...

6. Do Doughnut-Inspired Nail Art


Yes, you can even wear doughnuts on your nails.

7. Surprise Your Partner With Doughnuts In Bed


Want to do something thoughtful and romantic? Instead of cooking a traditional breakfast in bed, make some doughnuts and serve them up with coffee and tea on a cute platter (which should be Instagram-ready, of course). Or hey, order some doughnuts for delivery from your local doughnut shop, and enjoy a relaxing morning in bed!

8. Make Vegan Or Vegetarian Doughnuts


Craving some doughnuts but are a vegan, vegetarian, or removing animal products from your diet? No problem! While many doughnuts you'll find out and about tend to involve animal products, there are awesome cruelty-free doughnut recipes you can make in your own home.

Now go eat some doughnuts, all!

Images: Leon Ephraïm/Unsplash; Giphy (8)