7 Best Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Costumes Prove Fans Are Passionate About Lip Kits & KyShadow — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner's fans are serious about their love of the star, as evidenced by all of the Kylie Cosmetics Halloween costumes that popped up on social media. Practically every product of Jenner's was transformed into a hilarious, real life version. From lip kits to KyShadow, fans truly embraced the brand, and while last year, Kylie Jenner costumes seemed to be the big thing, Kylie Cosmetics may have just taken over.

Jenner has been taking to her website for the past few days to post how-to videos on ways that you can rock Kylie Cosmetics this Halloween. From an adorable deer look to insane mermaid makeup or even just ways to be her, she knows that her fans want to show their love for her and her products. The one thing Jenner didn't post, though, was how to embody the products themselves. No worries, though, because her creative fans definitely figured it out. I have to think that even Jenner herself was surprised (and flattered) by how amazing these Kylie Cosmetics get-ups turned out.

While Jenner was busy slaying everyone's Halloween in her completely perfect — and Christina Aguilera-approvedXTina "Dirrty 2002" costume, her fans were killing it in costumes themed perfectly to celebrate their love of KyShadow and Kylie Lip Kits.

Check them out:

1. Kylie Gloss Girl Gang

Seriously, they killed this.

2. Casual Lip Kit

Handpainting those drips has got to take serious talent.

3. Kylie Lip Kit Tube

Who cares if you can't bend at the waist?

4. Kyshadows

So good that even Kylie Jenner posted about it.

5. Being A Lip Kit + Wearing A Lip Kit

Lip Kit-ception?

6. Tee Shirt Lip Kit

Comfy and very clearly on trend.

7. The Full Package

That attention to detail, though.

It's clear that Jenner's fans slayed their Kylie Cosmetics' costumes. Can't wait to see what people will dress up as next year — more Kylie Cosmetics products?! Fingers crossed.

Images: Bustle