Former 'Real Housewives' Couples That Fans Truly Miss

Longtime viewers have seen a lot go down with the ladies and their romantic relationships in the Real Housewives franchise over the years. Sadly, a big part of that has been the demise of the relationships. There are actually a ton of former Real Housewives couples that fans miss. Sure, things weren't so great at the end since these pairs ended up parting ways, but there were definitely some cute and entertaining moments that I wish we could have gotten more of.

Since a lot of these women are friends in my head, I can't help feeling bad about these lost relationships. It was so nice to see my "friends" happy and in love, so even if some of these relationships did end up being extremely dramatic during the breakup, I still miss the golden era for many former Real Housewives couples. And I'm sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I always wonder if the cast members ever watch the old episodes where they were happily in relationships... or maybe that's just a super awkward thing to do considering I can't even see a photo from an old relationship on Timehop.

Vicki Gunvalson & Donn Wolfsmith

If Vicki and Donn stayed together we would have never had the Brooks Ayers storyline on RHOC, which would have been great if you ask me. Aside from that, I really was rooting for Vicki and Donn to make it work. They had their vows renewed on the beach and Vicki's love tank was finally full. In the back of my head and from the bottom of my heart, I'll always be hoping that these two get back together.

Yolanda Hadid & David Foster

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I really did not see this split coming. David and Yolanda were such a loving couple. She was always doing sweet things for him and he always seemed super supportive through her battle with Lyme disease. The Fosters announced their split on the day of the last Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere, and then I spent the whole season looking for signs and being super sad knowing the end was near. This is another couple that I hope gets back together, but probably won't.

Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy

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Now we all view the relationship between Bethenny and Jason as the one that resulted in what felt like the longest divorce proceeding of all time. But regardless of what you think of their relationship now, back in the day, I was so happy to see my girl Bethenny achieve professional success, get married, and have an adorably baby. It was so nice seeing her really enjoying life and that's something that hasn't been a part of the show in a long time.

Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif

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When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills first got started, these two were definitely my favorite couple. They had more money than anyone would ever need, yet they both somehow seemed really down-to-earth. They always had a really cute back and forth banter without hardcore bickering. They were the most realistic couple on the show, so I was very sad when Adrienne and Paul split up, after which neither of them were cast members anymore.

All I have to say is, "Thank God for the repeats." Otherwise, I would be mourning the loss of these relationships even more.

Image: Bravo