Decor You Can Put In Your Bedroom Today To Make It More '90s, Without Being Overkill

We lament the end of the '90s as though when the era ended we were left with a gaping hole where Shannon Doherty one-liners used to be. But you can keep the '90s alive, especially by investing in '90s decor for your bedroom. It doesn't have to be brazenly '90s. We're not talking gaudy Spice Girls worthy inflatable furniture or mirrors etched with the face of Leonardo DiCaprio (yes, both things I had in my '90s bedroom). You can bring the '90s to your bedroom today in a way that's much more subtle than Kylie Jenner, but that still says "No soup for you."

The internet is a wonderful place, and you can find all matter of '90s friendly decor if you just have a little search. Or, you can just take a look at the following list for inspiration. Ease back into the '90s with subtle prints, retro technology, and cute tchotchkes you never thought could make the '90s look so stylish. You can also bring the '90s to your bedroom with pop culture references so low key (and adorable), you'll forget that there was anything cringeworthy about the '90s at all. Here are 11 ideas for things you can put in your bedroom to make it more '90s without being overkill.

Two Words: Zebra Print

Zebra print was every teeny poppers rug, pillow, upholstery, or bed spread of choice in the '90s. But it was super tacky, like Spice Girls platform knee high boots (which, incidentally, were also sometimes zebra print). But you can bring zebra back in a subtle way with a print that is a bit more low key than traditional black and white.

Gray Zebra Pillow, from $48,

A Really Cool Retro Tape Deck

Even better if you still have all your old mix tapes from the '90s, a retro boom box will have a practical use too. If not, it just looks super cool.

Vintage Panasonic RX-FM15 Pink Boombox, $49.99,

A Nirvana Poster

Your bedroom in the '90s was plastered with posters of your idols right? You can do the same now, but with super creative artwork instead of posters ripped from magazines.

Badly Drawn Kurt Cobain, from $10,

A Pillow With An Oblique Reference To The '90s That Only True Fans Of The Era Would Understand

As mentioned above, you can find anything online. Even a pillow with the word "Unagi" emblazoned upon it. True children of the '90s get it.

Friends Quote Pillow, $36,

A Tribute To The Troll Doll

Repurposed troll dolls aren't weird or creepy the way troll dolls were in the '90s. They're actually kind of cool!

Troll Doll Planter, $19.53,

Some Cute Pop Culture Embroidery

Pick your favorite show from the '90s, and an embroidery exists. Hang on your wall or put on your desk or bedside table to remind yourself daily of a better time.

Scully X-Files Embroidery, $31.27,

A Framed '90s Quote (But Make Sure The Frame Is Super '90s, Too)

If the frame looks like something Monica Geller would have in her apartment, you're doing the right thing.

Custom Framed Clueless Quote, from $14,

A Prayer Candle Of Your Favorite '90s Icon

What better way to worship the '90s than with a prayer candle? They look pretty cool, and you can find one in just about any '90s icon you can think of. Another great way to put up posters in your bedroom without actually putting up posters in your bedroom.

Saint Buffy Candle, $15.50,

Something That Glows In The Dark

Remember how much you loved glow in the dark in the '90s? In fact, you weren't doing the '90s right if your bedroom ceiling wasn't covered in glow in the dark stars. Bring glow in the dark back in a much more chic way with a stylish bedroom accessory that looks pretty in the light, and glows in the dark.

Glow In The Dark Glass Jellyfish, $24, Urban Outfitters

Tie Dye Bedding

Tie dye is the ultimate way to bring back the '90s. Tie dye never dies.

Jacqueline Maldonado For DENY Mirror Dye Light Grey Duvet Cover, $129 to $169, Urban Outfitters

Images: Paramount Pictures