11 Ways To Wear Anklets To Keep The '90s Alive

The renaissance of '90s fashion and accessories has brought back some pretty outdated trends and given them a new life (hence the revival of chokers and flannel shirts). But one '90s trend that hasn't gotten as much as attention (but definitely should) is the anklet. Anklets are the unsung hero of '90s accessories, and there are a lot of fun ways to rock the '90s anklet trend.

For millennials, anklets during the '90s were just another area of our bodies to decorate with cheap and loud jewelry (as if tattoo choker upon tattoo choker on our necks and huge hoop earrings on our ears weren't enough). But don't your former life spent perusing the clearance anklets at The Icing taint your ideas about anklets of today, which are super chic and stylish. From dainty designs to chunky chains, the anklets of 2016 have revived the '90s look in a big way.

Without further ado, here are 11 ways to rock the '90s anklet trend. From wearing two pairs at once to draping them over your shoes, these idea are a fresh take on the classic trend from the decade fashion just can't get enough of (at least, for now). Be prepared to make anklets your favorite accessory from here on out. You might not have thought this was possible, but your ankles are going to look amazing.

1. Layering

Arm candy, move over. It's time for ankle candy with the coolest of cool anklets you could pair together on one ankle. After all, who says you can only wear one?

2. Matching

If you're accustomed to matching your jewelry to your outfit, don't hesitate to do the same with anklets. Whether you're matching the color or texture to your clothes or accessories, your look is going to be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

3. As A Statement Accessory

By all means, do not hold back when you're rocking anklets. Whether it's a personal choice or a style preference, use anklets just as you would with stand-out chandelier earrings or a sparkling bib necklace, to make a bold, eye-catching statement.

4. Both Ankles

If you're already obsessed with the '90s anklet trend (I don't blame you!), don't be afraid to double-up. Pick out a few anklets and embellish both ankles with them, combining chunky styles with daintier versions.

5. Over Your Shoes

OK, so this one might seem a little silly. But to really give the 90s trend a 2016 update, you have to think outside of the box. Drape an anklet (or even a tight choker) around your ankle over your shoes. Yes, it's a little out-there, but there's no denying it gives off a cool, unique vibe.

6. With Sneakers

Delhi Anklet Set, $38, Free People

No, you don't have to have girly or bohemian style to rock an anklet. In fact, you can mix any type of style with the accessory — even if your favorite pair of shoes are an old pair of sneakers.

7. With Boots

As the weather gets cooler, the need for creative accessories increases. Don't be afraid to rock an anklet even with the chunkiest, most winter-proof boots you own.

8. With Heels

There's no denying the prettiness of a dainty anklet paired with a matching pair of heels. It's a totally out-of-the-box look that's also super cool? Yup, be prepared to wear an anklet with heels forever more.

9. Over Pants

Want to show off an anklet while wearing pants? Don't let the fabric of a pant leg restrict you. An anklet can look just as chic and stylish over a pant leg as it does on a bare ankle.

10. Try A Tattoo

Gold Anklet Tattoo, $5.45, Etsy

Unless you're a real go-getter and already love the idea of a permanent anklet tattoo, I would recommend trying a temporary one first (a lot less risky, even if you do love anklets). There are many different temporary tattoo options to shop, whether they're black and realistic or metallic like the one above.

11. With A Toe Ring Attachment

DIONA Barefoot Sandals Beach Jewelry, $40.09, Etsy

If you want to take the classic '90s anklet to the early '00s, rock one that has a toe ring attachment. Talk about a throwback.

Accessories are an easy way to immerse yourself into '90s culture, which you may already know if you've worn a choker and/or jelly shoes within the past year. But before the '90s fashion renaissance is over, do rock the classic '90s anklet whether it's with sneakers, over pants, or even as a statement piece. It's an awesome way to harness the power of nostalgia to complete your look in a fresh new way.

Images: Melodi Erdogan, Courtesy Brands