37 Plus Size Suede Clothing Gems To Get You Through Transitional Weather — PHOTOS

It can be easy to lament the passing of summer as you find yourself exchanging slip dresses and fruity cocktails for baggy coats and lukewarm mulled wine. In such moments of deflation, however, plus size suede clothing (the faux stuff included) might be just the thing to pep you up. Summer's great and all, but there's nothing quite like luxuriating in the fabric of the gods: The kind of material that makes you feel regal and fancy-free in equal measure.

Because the '70s seems to be the decade that the style world just can't let go of, suede is back for the autumn/winter season yet again. It's not just back on the runways and in the fast fashion favorites of the S through L crowd, though: It's offered by plenty of plus size retailers, too.

As for you fatshion-loving babes, that means you can keep up with the trends and stay warm through the pesky transitional weather month known as November. Chances are the temps will be in a perpetual state of flux for a while, but suede is just the thing to get you through it all. Coming in light, heavy, and intermediate levels of thickness and warmth, there is no fall day that can't be made better with the addition of this smooth-to-the-touch leathery goodness.

So if you want to wrap your body in a piece of sartorial magic that'll probably make you feel ready for a velvet nap, here are 37 plus size suede pieces to slip into.

1. Trippy Dreams

Vincenzo Allocca Faux Suede Print Coat (Available to Size 20), $207, Navabi

We often associate the '70s with suede, but for many it was also a decade of psychedelic patterns and overall trippy experiences. This faux suede coat combines the best of both worlds, for a style aesthetic that'll leave you and passerby with plenty to reflect upon.

2. The Wonder Years

Manon Baptiste Faux Suede Skirt (Available to Size 24), $159, Navabi

A teenage Winnie Cooper definitely would've rocked the hell out of this skirt. If you like your suede subtly retro-inspired, this luxe design is the one for you.

3. Witchy Aesthetic

Ronen Chen Faux Suede Midi Dress (Available to Size 20), $207, Navabi

Who said suede was all about camel and burgundy hues? You can absolutely pull off autumnal witchy vibes while still feeling cozy in suede, as evidenced by this glam-y dress that'll take you from the office to an evening of (hopefully) delicious warm liquor.

4. Patchwork Princess

Manon Baptiste A-Line Faux Suede Patchwork Dress (Available to Size 24), $171, Navabi

OK, maybe suede isn't ~all~ about camel and burgundy hues, but those colors are definitely staples of the fabric. This dress exquisitely meshes the vintage vibes of the material while remaining effortlessly contemporary.

5. Skirt Magic

Manon Baptiste Faux Suede Patchwork Skirt (Available to Size 24), $158, Navabi

Paired with some wool tights, a black cami, chunky platform booties, and a leather jacket, you can even make all your '90s grunge dreams come true with the help of a little suede.

6. Luxe Comfort

Plus Size Faux Suede Leggings (Available to Size 3X), $15, Forever 21

Your leggings-as-pants look just got a suede makeover. The end result? An ideal combination of comfort and style.

7. Shorty Shorts

Plus Size Faux Suede Shorts (Available to Size 3X), $23, Forever 21

Just because it's autumn now doesn't mean you have to give up on shorts. The material of these will probably retain way more heat than your denim Daisy Dukes. Add some thick tights into the equation, and this season will have nothing on you.

8. Romper-Town

Plus Size Faux Suede Romper (Available to Size 3X), $20, Forever 21

Rompers are still very much in, despite their practicality issue when it comes to peeing. So stay in style in more ways than one by getting yourself a budget-friendly suede onesie. For ultimate warmth at all times (except when you need to take off all your clothes to go to the bathroom).

9. Blair Waldorf

Suede Effect Dress (Available to Size 22), $46, Elvi

Ever fancied yourself the plus size version of Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf? Queen B would definitely approve of this full-sleeved, mini dress wonder.

10. Embellished

ASOS Curve Suede Dress with Ring Detail (Available to Size 24), $135.30, ASOS

If you have a penchant for embellished detailing, this take on suede should definitely strike your fancy. The rings decorating this dress make it stand out without being too OTT for a cloudy fall day.

11. Sleeveless-ness

ASOS Curve Sleeveless Mid Jacket in Suede with Shearling and Belt (Available to Size 24), $90, ASOS

A sleeveless jacket may seem utterly pointless when dealing with crispy autumnal weather. But this is a transitional season, after all, making a piece like this perfect for all those times when it's cold, but not so-cold that you want to bundle inside a literal duvet cover before stepping outside.

12. Royal Blue

Joanna Hope Longline Mock Suede Jacket (Available to Size 28), $124.99, SimplyBe

You, too, can feel like an extra straight out of Pulp Fiction in this glorious longline jacket.

13. Grandma's Closet

Mock Suede Skirt (Available to Size 28), $49, SimplyBe

This skirt will probably make you look like you just stole something from your nana's wardrobe, in the best way possible. Wear it with a chunky pearl-embellished sweater and you'll have crafted some granny chic perfection.

14. The Fancy Stuff

High Waist Suede Skirt (Available to Size 22), $132, Mango

For those who want to get their paws on some 100 percent authentic suede, this skirt from Mango's Violeta line will have you covered. The color is perfect for autumn and the high-waist fit is totes trendy.

15. Seasonal Greens

Plus Size Bonded Faux Suede Biker Jacket in Khaki (Available to Size 20), $76, Missguided

Snuggle yourself into this suede biker jacket so you can look like a badass babe who knows how to keep warm.

16. Blue Velvet?

Blue Plus Size Faux Suede Kimono Dress (Available to Size 20), $51, Missguided

Blue suede is actually way better than blue velvet, don't you think?

17. The Kylie Look

Plus Size Thigh Split Faux Suede Midi Skirt in Khaki (Available to Size 20), $42, Missguided

Kylie Jenner would totally wear this skirt. Which means you'll be as trendy as can be when rocking it yourself.

18. Trench Queen

Plus Size Raw Seam Faux Suede Trench Coat in Camel (Available to Size 20), $85, Missguided

Every feminine dresser on a mission needs a trench coat in their arsenal. How else are people supposed to know you're mysterious and fancy AF?

19. Pastel Pink

Front Zip Faux Suede Dress (Available to Size 24), $23, ELOQUII

Baby Spice would surely approve of this baby pink creation. You'll look like a cotton candy dream, and that's never a bad thing.

20. That Fringe

Studio Faux Suede Ruffled Skirt (Available to Size 28), $20, ELOQUII

Fringe and suede go together like mac and cheese, y'all.

21. Night On The Town

Faux Suede Belted Dress (Available to Size 24), $27, ELOQUII

The story goes that everyone needs a LBD in their closets. This season, you can amend the narrative to "everyone needs a suede LBD in their closets." Life won't be complete otherwise.

22. Black On Black

Faux Suede Trench Coat (Available to Size 24W), $139, Nordstrom

Black on black is a style aesthetic that translates to all seasons and temperatures, and transitional weather times are no exception. Pair this gem of a trench with your favorite black jeans and a black tank, and proceed to conquer the world.

23. High-Low

Faux Suede High-Low Dress (Available to Size 24W), $119, Nordstrom

If you find yourself in need of some suede to get you through an autumnal holiday party, look no further than this high-low dress.

24. Easy Breezy

Faux Suede Shirtdress (Available to Size 22), $98, Nordstrom

Sometimes one just can't be bothered with the pomp and circumstance of a detailed outfits. For times when this rings true but you still want to look cute, an easy shirtdress will be a godsend.

25. Business Casual

Plus Size Belted Faux Suede Sheath Dress (Available to Size 24W), $89, Macys

Should your office environment be a little more business than leisure, consider investing in a slightly more formal suede piece to look profess and fresh in equal measure.

26. '80s Queen

Selena Pants in Rouge Red (Available to Size 3X), $66, Rue107

One can only assume that these pants were inspired by the bombshell business babe known as Selena Quintanilla. And that means they're definitely worth the investment.

27. Autumnal Mermaid

Cherelle Bralette in Seafoam (Available to Size 3X), $34, Rue107

Your underwear-as-outerwear goals needn't dissipate come the fall-winter climate. Pair this faux suede bralette with your favorite furry jacket and slay.

28. Longline Dress

Faux Suede Dress (Available to Size 34), $70, Roamans

What's more get-up-and-go than a longline dress? Nothing. Nothing is easier and chicer than that.

29. Light Bundle

Faux Suede Trench with Notch Collar (Available to Size 28), $70, Jessica London

The early autumn/winter season can yield 60-degree days followed by 40-degree ones. For the former, consider opting for a light but statement-making trench.

30. Vintage Win

Ulla Popken Faux Suede Patchwork Skirt (Available to Size 30), $60, Full Beauty

Combining deep blues and camel yellows, this skirt is an excellent display of vintage details turned contemporary.

31. For Your Crops

Ulla Popken Faux Suede Midi Skirt (Available to Size 28), $60, Full Beauty

If you want to style your favorite crop top with a skirt that screams "autumn," this suede and button-front midi shall be your smooth canvas.

32. Forest Baby

L&L Faux Suede Leggings (Available to Size 26), $39, Addition Elle

Fall is the perfect time to look like a child of the forest, and these leggings will help you do just that.

33. Bomber Beauty

Rachel Roy Shauna Faux Suede Jacket (Available to Size 3X), $239, AdditionElle

Make the bomber trend last this year by incorporating a suede version into your autumnal arsenal.

34. Wrap Around

L&L Faux Suede Asymmetric Vest (Available to Size 26), $98, AdditionElle

There's no fall accessory more quintessential than the suede accessory. And a vest is basically the most practical accessory of all, no?

35. Like The Changing Leaves

Plus Size Suede Moto Jacket (Available to Size 3X), $39, Rue21

What is the point of this season if not to channel the colors of changing leaves through your style?

36. Crop It

Lakynn Faux Suede Scoop Crop (Available to Size 32), $45, Society-Plus

Crop tops are for every occasion and weather condition. Break this suede piece out to prove that your bold fatshion knows of no boundaries. Not even the declining temps.

37. Bodycon Bae

Sacramento Lace-Up Faux Suede Dress (Available to Size 3X), $57, FashionToFigure

The lace-up trend of the '90s has been back through 2016 with as much fervor as the suede trend of the '70s. Why not have your cake and eat it too, boo?

So you see? Suede is not only versatile in its aesthetic possibilities, but fit for anyone who wants to feel like a luxe fatshion queen as they sip on a mulled beverage and contemplate their fabulous existence.

Images: Courtesy Brands