The 'Fuller House' Season 2 Trailer Gives Us More Laughs & More Surprises — VIDEO

Welcome back to the Tanner household. On Tuesday, Netflix released the official trailer for Fuller House Season 2, giving us a glimpse into what the family has in store for the upcoming year. Netflix's Season 2 revival of the sitcom classic will open once again with the Tanners reunited. (Except, sadly, no Mary-Kate or Ashley.) D.J. Tanner and her three sons, Kimmy Gibbler and her one-liners, and Stephanie Tanner are all still game. But, we've also got Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, Uncle Jesse, and Rebecca in the mix. No surprise here. Family still seems to reign supreme for Fuller House’s sophomore season.

That’s not to say there aren’t some new faces. For one, we’ve finally learned the identity of Kimmy Gibbler’s brother (played by Adam Hagenbuch). Not only does Kimmy’s bro know how to dance, he might also know the way into Stephanie Tanner’s heart. There’s a mini New Kids on the Block appearance that will prove to be all sorts of nostalgic. Steve and Matt are both back (but, unfortunately, for Deej, not available ). Also, Cosmo (aka Comet 2.0) has a brief appearance in some reindeer ears. Watch the Tanners celebrate family, and all of the holidays, the best way they know how — with each other.

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It looks like Fuller House might be taking notes from Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, meaning Season 2 will take us through a full year in the Tanner household. A year of "firsts," "friends," and, of course, "family." We witness the Tanners go through Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, and even Danny Tanner's midlife crisis. But, according to D.J., “The older you get the faster things seem to change." How Season 2 decides to mark those changes will be pivotal in deciding whether or not this revival will continue to intrigue its audiences.

As far as revivals go, Fuller House Season 1 achieved everything it should have. It was full of nods and callbacks to its original, but ever so slightly different enough to stand on its own. Will Season 2 be able to carve that spot out even further for itself? Or will it just be a revolving door of the original sitcom's catch phrases? Tough to say, but at least Comet 2.0 gets to wear reindeer ears. Fuller House Season 2 premieres Friday, December 9 on Netflix.

Images: Netflix