Are The Items In Glossier’s Black Tie Set Sold Separately? Get This Kit Before It's Gone

Glossier’s delivered a set that will get you party-ready in no time, so you’re probably hoping for invites to extravagant affairs to come rolling in this holiday season. Don’t have big plans as of yet? Start organizing a fancy soiree of your own. Because these items have got to be worn. Are the products in Glossier’s Black Tie Set sold separately? As of now, there’s only one way to get them, and you’re going to want to snatch them up as soon as possible.

When it comes to beauty needs, this brand has a way of reading minds. Don’t they? I mean, when you hoped for a face wash that was gentle, yet powerful, they delivered. When we asked for makeup that didn’t feel like makeup, they were ready. And now that the holidays are quickly approaching, they’ve come out with a set to get you ready for some swanky fêtes. The Black Tie Set is limited edition, and according to the Glossier website, will only be available through the end of 2016, while supplies last.

The set contains an all-new eye liner, lip gloss, highlighter shade and pink nail polish. And the only place you can find these items is within the set. For the time-being, they are not available for purchase separately, but why would you want just one item when you could have all four for just $50 anyways, you know?

All I need to do is pick out what to wear.

Glossier's even got your accessories sorted. This ribbon can be worn in your hair or as a classy choker.

Get ready to absolutely glisten this holiday season. With the right pink polish, highlight and lip gloss you'll shine bright like a diamond, girl!

The essentials are here.

Black Tie Set, $50, Glossier

All you'll need to add is a spritz of perfume and a cute dress. Oh yeah, and somewhere to go!

Now, let the party begin!

Images: Courtesy Glossier (2)