Is Glossier's Black Tie Set Limited Edition? This Four-Piece Set Is Special — PHOTOS

It's party season and you need to be party-ready... multiple times. Or you can at least gift someone with a party-ready collection, like Glossier's Black Tie Set. The collection includes four (!!!) new items — three of which are products the brand has not done prior and one previously existing product in a brand new, super sexy shade. The Glossier Black Tie set costs $50, is available via the Glossier site, which is the brand's sole sales platform, and arrives on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The Black Tie Set, which is Glossier’s expression of a holiday party look, is maaaj soft and feminine. Is Glossier's Black Tie Set Limited Edition or is it a permanent addition?

According to press materials received by Bustle, as well as the brand's website, the Glossier Black Tie Set is indeed limited edition. It was produced in limited quantities and will be available through 2016 only, while supplies last.

Let's get to know those items contained in this collection a little more intimately, shall we? Let's bring it in so you will understand why you need to act fast and purchase ASAP.

The set includes the No. 1 Pencil in Graphite, which is the first of its kind for the brand.

Graphite is named after the color of pencil lead and is made of a creamy, gel formula that glides on. You will experience no pulling, no tugging, and no dragging of sensitive eye skin when you apply this baby. It's a soft black with just a hint of sheen.

There's also an ever-so-slightly pink-tinted lip gloss that packs powerful shine with a single coat but with zero stickiness. Glossier sells Generation G matte lipsticks, but this is its debut gloss. It's glitter-free and essentially looks clear on your pout so you can shine on.

Another brand new item is the nail polish in #glossierpink. The brand's imaging, packaging, and Instagram are drenched in this angel soft pink hue. The pretty lacquer is also Glossier's first nail offering.

The set also includes a Haloscope highlighter, which is a previously existing product. The Black Tie Set features the Moonstone shade, which is new and mega moisturizing.

Just like the Glossier pink bubble zipper pouches, in which products are shipped, can be repurposed for travel, as a clutch, and more, the Black Tie Set boasts a black satin bow. It can be used to decorate a pony, as a necklace, as a bracelet, or fashioned into something decorative for your home. It's always about multi-tasking details with Glossier packaging.

If the Glossier faithful reacts passionately to the Black Tie Set, which I expect it will, the brand could bring it back for an encore. Or perhaps the individual items will be added to the permanent repertoire and sold as singles in 2017? We can hope and wish, right?

The Black Tie Set is total Glossier — minimalist but so, so effective.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (4)