Here's What You Need From ColourPop's Hello Kitty Collection, According To Jordynn Wynn & Sharon Pak

ColourPop never ceases to amaze its fans. From giving them some serious promos on shipping and products to incredible seasonal launches, beauty junkies love the amazing makeup brand. The new ColourPop Hello Kitty collection is just further proof that the brand has their hands on the pulse of what fans want. And trust me, if you haven't seen any of the products yet, you're going to want them — they're totally killer.

The brand's Hello Kitty collection has been a massive hit with fans, but you know what CP customers love more? Marketing managers Jordynn Wynn and Sharon Pak. The dynamic duo of ColourPop's social media accounts do such a great job of showcasing new products and announcing promos on a daily basis that most people are convinced they're their imaginary best friends. That's why when Pak and Wynn told me their must-have products from the Hello Kitty collection, it was practically a necessity to share that knowledge.

While Pak and Wynn are quick to explain their admiration for the collection extends to all of the products, it's their personal styles that inform their must-have picks. From the highlighters to the lippie stix, the lovable duo shares their favorites with us. Plus, if they're Pak and Wynn approved, you obviously have got to have them.

Jordynn's ColourPop x Hello Kitty Picks

Jordynn tells me that she's all about the girly quality to the collection. She says, "I love soft pinks and girly shades so there are a ton of must-haves in this collection for me." What does that mean for her favorites? She's got a few.

1. Friendship File Super Shock Shadow

Mama's Apple Pie, $18, ColourPop

Friendship File from the Mama's Apple Pie collection is one of Wynn's favorites. She explains, "Friendship File is a really pretty pink that almost looks wet on the eye."

2. Lock Diary Ultra Satin Lip

Ultra Satin Lip in Lock Diary, $6, ColourPop

"Lock Diary is a really on trend fuchsia and it's in my favorite Ultra Satin Formula," says Wynn.

3. Yummy Cookies

Wynn's final fave? Yummy Cookies. "Yummy Cookies is a soft pink with a silver sheen," she says, "and gives a really fresh rosy glow."

Sharon's ColourPop x Hello Kitty Picks

Pak's excitement from the collection comes from her love of the cute cat character. She tells us that she's been "obsessed with Hello Kitty" ever since she was young. Here are her must-have picks.

1. School Is Fun Highlighter

Highlighter in School Is Fun, $8, ColourPop

CP's social media followers know that Pak is a lover of highlight. "It's [School Is Fun] an amazing highlighter with duochrome gold, and you know how much I live for that glow," she says.

2. Date Mate Matte X Lippie Stick

Matte X Lippie Stick in Date Mate, $5, ColourPop

As for lippies, color takes the cake. Pak says, "Fuchsia lipstick is huge in the next upcoming months, so naturally I lean towards Date Mate for a Matte X Lippie Stix.”

Now, it's official. You've got all of the must-haves from ColourPop's Hello Kitty collection. You should probably go ahead and snatch them up now because I have a feeling it won't be around forever!

Images: Jordynn.Wynn/Instagram; ColourPop