'Real Housewives' Friendships That Fans Miss

There have been plenty of Real Housewives friendships that have come and gone throughout the franchise. And I hate to say this, but a lot of these friendship breakups have provided some really good story lines for the show. But other times, entertaining or not, the demise of the BFFs just really breaks my heart. There are a few special Real Housewives friendships that fans miss seeing on television.

With many years of super public drama, sometimes the friendships on Real Housewives just can't go back to the way they once were. As much as I really want them to, the pride of a Real Housewife is pretty tough to overcome. Still, I can't help mourning some iconic Real Housewives best friendships of the past.

Even though I had no part in any of those relationships, it was just nice to see these reality TV cast members getting along, having fun, and actually managing to be entertaining instead of boring — even without being in a contentious relationship. It is very rare, but there are some duos who were able to entertain while actually being nice to each other — well, until things went downhill. Any super fan will understand why the friend breakups below hit really hard.

1. NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak

I will always miss the golden era of Real Housewives of Atlanta when Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes were best friends. They were such a hilarious and loyal duo.

Things took a turn when Kim got closer to NeNe's enemy at the time Shereé Whitfield, and that did not sit well with NeNe at all. Then, NeNe sang a song making fun of Kim and obviously that got back to her, as well as other things that NeNe supposedly said. It all culminated with Kim sending NeNe that infamous text where she called her a "low budget b*tch," solidifying their enemy status.

Since then, with both of ladies off the show, it seems like they are more like frenemies than enemies, since they appeared on Watch What Happens Live together and they almost had a reality show focused on them that didn't take off. I really wish it did though! Kim and NeNe working out their friendship on TV is exactly what I need.

2. Lisa Vanderpump & Brandi Glanville

I never expected Lisa and Brandi to be friends. First off, there is the obvious age gap. On top of that, it just seemed like they were polar opposites with Lisa being a refined British lady and Brandi being an American without a filter, but once they connected I was just living for their unexpected bond. They would always say the funniest things and throw the best shade at the other Housewives. They were a dynamic duo.

But there ended up just being way too many dramatic incidents for them to ever come back from. Things came to a head when Brandi slapped Lisa in the face during the group's Amsterdam trip, and there was just no coming back from that. It's so sad though because they really did make some hilarious TV moments on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

3. Dina Manzo & Caroline Manzo

The rift between Dina and Caroline Manzo really breaks my heart because they weren't just friends, they are also sisters-in-law, so they had a lot connecting them. Everyone knows that the Real Housewives of New Jersey are all about family, so this was just way too upsetting for us super fans to deal with. The reasons for Caroline and Dina drifting apart have always been really mysterious. Although they've made it clear that they are not BFFs, they never outright explain the issues between them, which is classy and all that, but I can't help but be nosy. I would love for them to settle their behind-the-scenes differences and appear on reality TV united.

4. Sonja Morgan & Ramona Singer

Like some of these other pairs, Ramona and Sonja haven't ended their friendship, but during the most recent season of Real Housewives of New York City they did seem to drift apart some. For most of their time together on RHONY, Ramona and Sonja were attached at the hip. They loved partying together and they always went to bat to defend each other. Then, Ramona started to distance herself from Sonja and her perceived party habits. That made no sense to me since Ramona always seemed to love a good turn-up, but I am hopeful that these two will spend more time together and be the BFFs we have all loved watching throughout the years.

5. Tamra Judge & Vicki Gunvalson

I get that the ups and downs of Vicki and Tamra's friendship have provided for some pretty chaotic television, but enough is enough already. I'm so tired of these two coming at each other hard, making up for a minute, and then going in for the next dig. They really were a cute best friend duo for a solid time and that's the kind of thing I miss from them.

Things got crazy for the former besties when Tamra made it clear that she did not like Vicki's new boyfriend at the time, Brooks Ayers. Brooks claimed that Tamra was giving Vicki the "evil eye" at a party and then all hell broke loose between the two of them and they started screaming at each other. And that's what brought on the start of the up and down friendship that these two have. Every time these two makeup, they have the cutest dynamic and it really makes me miss the time period when they were consistently friends. I have hope that they can overcome the drama and be friends, but who knows.

I feel like a friendship breakup can be even worse than a romantic one sometimes, and it's even worse when there is a whole fandom of people who are invested in the relationship. Thank god for the repeats, though. Even if these bonds can't be rekindled, at least the fans can watch the old episodes to relive the good times.

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