Adele's 'The Mask' Halloween Costume Is Spot-On Jim Carrey — PHOTOS

Sssssomebody stop her! (Just kidding, don't.) Adele's Mask -inspired Halloween costume is full-on Jim Carrey — just look at the detail that went into perfecting that mask! — and it's safe to say that she just won the holiday. Sure, I'm all about Kylie Jenner's "Dirrty" version of Christina Aguilera, and Luke Hemmings as Buzz Lightyear will forever slay me, but the fact that Adele's spot-on costume is just that incredible (and incredibly creepy), well, sometimes you just need to give credit where credit is due. And Queen Adele as Stanley Ipkiss certainly deserves all the credit here.

The "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" singer wore the Halloween costume in Dallas ahead of her Tuesday show in the Texas city, and I'm sure whoever was in the vicinity of such kickassery became a little bit of a better person just by being near her. (Although if she really went for the full embodiment of The Mask, maybe they better watch out instead.) In all seriousness, just check out the black-and-white images below: Even though they're not in color, you can clearly tell that she nails every last detail of the ensemble, from the sky-high cheekbones to the Chicklet teeth to the colorful zoot suit. She is literally Stanley Ipkiss personified.

And just in case it's been a minute since you've been #blessed by the 1991 Jim Carrey film (this movie kicked off Cameron Diaz's career, FYI), check out the iconic delivery of his most classic line below (it'll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day). Though he has not yet commented on Adele's costume, I'm sure he appreciates her commitment to the role.

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Now, if only there was a video of Adele doing the same...