12 Thoughts Every '90s Kid Had On Their Birthday, Because Our Childhood Celebrations Were Epic

When it comes to our younger years, there is one day of the year most of us remember with collective fondness: Our birthday. And whether you were just a kid, a tween, or a teenager during the '90s, I'm willing to bet that you have at least a handful of fond memories from your birthday during the '90s. Sure, we couldn't drink yet, or buy a scratch ticket, or possibly even drive a car, but our birthdays always felt pretty epic nonetheless. How come? Well, the '90s were pretty darn fun to begin with, and when our birthdays rolled around, it was basically a whole new level of euphoria.

Whether or not your family was big on presents, birthdays are still awesome because it's all about, well, you. And what is more fun than being surrounded by loved ones and celebrating the fact that you're alive? The presents and sweet treats are just icing on the proverbial cake. While birthdays are still fun to celebrate now that we're older, there is something special about looking back on the ways we've celebrated our ages and new years as younger people. What dreams did we have when we turned 10? What about 15?

Nostalgia can sometimes paint things in a rosier light than the reality of the situation, but there is something truly bittersweet and warming about looking back at our younger selves and all those birthday wishes we made. There is nothing quite like celebrating your birthday during the '90s, and I'm pretty sure we can all relate to these thoughts you had on your birthday in the '90s.

"Please, Please, Please Let There Be Ice Cream Cake!"


Did anything say a birthday party in the '90s like ice cream cake? Dinosaurs on top only sealed the deal.

"Maybe My Parents Will Drive Us To Laser Tag After Presents."


So cool, so nerdy, and so something most of us would still do on our birthday, am I right?

"I Wonder How Many N64 Games I'll Get..."


It's not all about material items, but... Who doesn't want to play more Nintendo?

"Or Books. Maybe The New Harry Potter?"


Books don't count as material items! They're educational. Especially if you're having a Harry Potter themed party...

"Probably At Least One VHS. Hopefully Titanic."


I mean, technically Titanic was two VHS tapes, so that's a double win.

"If Laser Tag Is Closed, We Could Go To The Skating Rink Instead!"


Maybe hold hands with your crush! Or fall on your face and have the whole party end early. Who knows?

"Or Hang Out At The Limited Too And Hollister At The Mall!"


Who doesn't want to go to the mall? Especially with some birthday money...

"Maybe My Parents Organized A Surprise Pizza Party..."


Pizza, pizza, pizza...

"Or It's Going To Be A Surprise Sleepover With Everybody From Science Class."

Because who doesn't want to stay up until 1 a.m. crimping everybody's hair and drawing tattoos out of gel pens?

"I Hope I Got N'Sync Tickets."


Or Backstreet Boys. Or Spice Girls. Or Celine Dione....

"Or A Trip To Disney World!"


Admit it: We wouldn't hate getting a surprise pair of tickets to Disney for our next birthday, either.

"Or At Least Some Dunkaroos And Fruit By The Foot."


OK, we can't all go on vacation every year just because it's our birthday. But can we at least start our day with something sweet? Please and thank you!

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