Is Logan A Corporate Spy On 'Westworld'? There Must Be More To Him Than Meets The Eye


Westworld sure does love its mysteries. Every week, the HBO series selectively reveals a little bit of information, hinting at answers the show will eventually provide. Who is the Man In Black? What happened to Arnold? How much does Dolores really know? Of the many characters and the many Westworld theories they inspire, one character seems to actually be pretty clear-cut. Logan's characterization so far has been "jerk." On a show where almost every character has a secret agenda, he seems incredibly out of place as a one-dimensional guest who's just at the park to carry out his sexual and violent urges. That's exactly why I think that a major twist is ahead and, despite his seemingly obvious motives, Logan is actually a corporate spy on Westworld.

In the episode Nov. 30 episode, "Contrapasso," it's revealed that hosts are being implanted with satellite uplinks — but most of the park's employees don't see. to know that. It appears that someone is trying to collect information from Westworld and smuggle it outside of the park and though it's not yet clear what purpose the uplink serves, a likely explanation is that the information is used to fuel corporate espionage. The guilty party could be anyone, but among the many shady characters on Westworld, the one most likely to have business-related motives is none other than the hedonistic Logan.


Logan seems to be a simple man. He enjoys shooting his gun and having sex with various hosts. It feels like he's indulged in both of those activities at least once per episode during the first season of Westworld, but that's all a little too easy for a show like this. Nothing is as it seems in Westworld, so why would that be any different for Logan?

The information we do know about Logan is limited. We know that he is William's brother-in-law and supervisor at work. We know that their company is considering buying out Westworld, which is supposedly "hemorrhaging money." We know that Logan has no problem mutilating hosts. Of all the characters that have been introduced in Westworld so far, Logan is the one that seems to have the most to gain by implanting hosts with satellite uplinks, especially since his lawyers have had trouble learning more about the mysterious "Arnold" who helped co-found the park. Though he spends most of his time talking about how much sex he's having in the park, that could all be a cover for what he's actually doing when he's not with William.


The largest hole in this theory is the immense surveillance system that seems to cover the entire park. If Logan is sneaking massive electronic gadgets into hosts, he would need to have some friends in high-up places that turn a blind eye to his espionage. But if Westworld has taught us anything, it's that money and blackmail can do a lot, so he may be able to implant these satellite uplinks without being stopped.

Even if Logan isn't behind the mysterious uplinks being placed in hosts, he likely still has a few tricks up his sleeve. There's meaning behind everything on Westworld, and Logan will likely be revealed as much more than a sex-obsessed guest before the season ends.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; Giphy (2)