COVERGIRL's So Lashy Mascara Campaign Is All About Equality & Fans Are Loving It

This brand is on a mission to prove that feeling “easy, breezy, beautiful” isn’t just for one type of person. Everyone should embrace their inner "Covergirl," and if their recent first-ever male campaign star wasn’t enough to prove that beauty is about breaking the mold, then their most recent set of ads definitely will. COVERGIRL’s latest campaign is all about equality, and fans of the brand are more than here for it.

They’re spreading a message of #LashEquality in the series of advertisements showcasing their new So Lashy Mascara. The campaign photos feature the brand’s most diverse group of ambassadors yet. You’ll see celebs such as Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry as well as internet sensation James Charles and Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia. According to a press release, a TV commercial featuring this stellar line-up will air the week of Nov. 14 to promote the product.

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara, $9, Target

So Lashy Mascara is made for "each and every lash." What makes this product so incredible, beyond the amazing people representing it, is the brush’s shape. It’s designed to leave no hair un-lacquered. And it's truly something I’ve never seen from a mascara wand. You might have to wait for the rad commercial, but you can start shopping So Lashy immediately — it's already available in stores and online.

With these folks endorsing the product, how could you resist giving it a try?

People are freaking out over Afia's moment in the spotlight.

Being apart of a COVERGIRL ad is pretty much as good as it gets.

Ladies came out to get their lash line on fleek. Cause there's nothing quite like adding an incredible mascara to your collection.

So far, there's nothing not to love about this product and the way it's spreading #LashEquality.

If you have short lashes, this brush will help get them looking longer and fuller in no time.

And it's all thanks to this wand's unique shape.

Between the wand's design and the formula, the brand is promising a " bold, sexy, dark and full look."

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara, $9, Target

Shop this product for lashes that get you noticed. Take a photo while wearing it and promote a little #LashEquality while you're at it!

Images: Courtesy COVERGIRL (4)